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Anything bigger than my hooter, is worth shouting about!! Pulled from a bath tub this arvo, this beauty will, I hope, taste as good as it looks.

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Magnifique! From the King of Bathtubs himself ;-)

Looks good - What variety?  I've got no success with the carrots this year. 

I may need to hire you mate. 

The variety is a Chantenay, normally a shortish but thick stemmed more steeply tapered carrot than a lot of other varieties. I usually get good germination and they crop better for me than other types. These carrots seem less likely to fork. I usually get excellent results, but are not usually this big. They are a reliable performer. Susan I think that your soil might be a little too heavy as they seem to prefer my much lighter soil mix. I also grow them in PVC tubes using good quality potting mix with great results. You should be able to grow them in your raised beds, with the addition of sand or more potting mix. This must be natures way of evening up everyone's overall success rate in gardening. You're still way out in front!!

So many things can influence your abundance or harvest.  The weather, the soil, the knowledge, pests etc., but you have a head start, Roger, or should I say nose start.  I am envious.

Yes, Christa, in my younger, running days, I'd often win races by a nose!

Beautiful looking Nose, Oh, I mean Carrot. How did it taste, was it lovely ans Sweet?

Dianne I'll let you know tomorrow. We didn't eat it yesterday as it didn't fit in with chefs requirements. Tonight we have a mixed platter as is our custom from the days when we both worked. Friday being the start of the weekend was always a platter washed down with a nice bottle of plonk. The carrot will be served raw and julienned as one of the platter treats.


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