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When cutting open a recent store bought pineapple, I noticed some seeds.

The seeds were present at the inside extremities of the skin, and at first looked like pineapple eye material.

They are similar in shape to sesame seeds, at twice the size. The seed count came to around 30.

I have planted most of these out in a seeding tray, and a few others on tissue paper.

I read that the temperature for sprouting pineapple seeds is best between 22C & 28C and that the plants would take around 5 years to fruit from seed.

I'll update if there are any seedlings that come up from this.

On a separate pineapple topic. I recently planted some tops in pots and jars. Observing the roots grow in a jar of water is great for the kids. Of course, Dad does not get any kicks from such 'mucking around' :)

In the past, I have just plonked the tops in soil which contained a decent amount of organic material. Then mulched around the plants. This will continue to be my standard approach when planting heads and pups.

I'm intending to plant out the jar-rooted pineapples within a few weeks.

Update 8th April 2017

14 Pineapple seeds in the seedling tray have sprouted, as well as seeds on the tissue paper (in clear food container with lid). I'll transfer the later to the seedling tray.

The seedlings are very cute as they take the form of a bromeliad (spines and all), even down at 3mm (photo below).Now for a long wait!

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Full sun is part of the clue to growing good Pines. Mine in semi-shade have taken more than 2 years. I've found that writing a date and the type of material (top, pup) on the leaves with a garden marker does help to keep track of growth.

Pineapple seeds are a new one on me Rob.  Thanks for sharing. 

Thanks all for your shared experiences, links, tips and wishes... I'll make sure there is an annual update on the babies.



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