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More than I can use! Smooth Pineapples from commercial stock originally, now organic for 2 generations. About 7 to find new homes.

Please come to Deception Bay to pick them up, over Easter would be a good time.

Please private message to me on this Forum.

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Ah! Can't work out how to private message you on here using my phone, Elaine, (haven't used this site for a couple of years) but I would love a couple of pineapple pups! Cheers!

No idea about phones in this context, Lainie. But, perhaps there's a button on this page which says 'send a message'? If so you'll be taken to the PM section and just follow your nose.

OR - are we friends? Probably! You can send a message to any 'friend' by selecting your own Inbox (top right of BLF page) and then selecting 'compose message' once you are at your own Inbox. OR: go to my own page (find me among 'Members' and type my name into the searchbox there. You can see how to send a message then OR if we aren't 'friends' you can add a personal message to the friend request. Whether this works on a phone, I have no idea!

Lainie - click on Elaine's name. That will take you to her page where you will see "Send a Message" on the left. May be different for a phone, don't know sorry.

Excuse my ignorance Elaine, but what are "Smooth Pineapples"?

they have smoother prickles on their leaves than rough - larger softer flesh and high acidity 

Roughs are smaller sweeter and leaves are very spikey ! 

As Mary-Ann said with the addition that 'smooths' are the common commercial type. Very few farmers grow the 'roughs' these days. I grew one and now can understand why farmers prefer the 'smooths'. Talk about spikey! Hooley dooley, the difficulty of handling the plant and fruit was not really made up by the extra flavour. 

Thanks for the clarification.


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