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Another of those red arrow thingys to which there is no way of responding.

Picking fruit up high is quite a challenge. How big a mango? How high up the tree? Possible solutions range from getting a ladder and doing a semi-Tarzan act to buying or making a fruit picker. Anything from an old jam tin on a stick to a plastic finger-thing or net attached to something long.

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How easy to mango's come off the tree? There is a huge one next door to my day care centre (the block was bought by McDonalds I think but the development application got declined) that I keep eyeing off... along with the wattle with lots of seed pods - I read somewhere they are good for chickens, but will have to take a photo of the tree and check first!
There's wattle seeds and wattle seeds and some are a bit toxic. For the chooks, they'd need to be cracked, the seed coats are tough as.

Mangoes off the tree ... tough stems with a milky sap. You need to be positioned so the sap doesn't get on your face or worse into your eyes. Picking by snipping with seceteurs probably the best but if not possible, twisting or just brute force.
I made a mango, pasionfruit and choko picker out of a long piece of bamboo and wire. I attached a piece of strong wire shaped like a keyhole to the end of the pole. Attach the the wire to the pole at the big end of the keyhole (narrow end pointing away). Also the keyhole should be at right angles to the pole. Just slip the mango through the big hole and then move the narrow part of the wire over the stem of the mango. Then just pull or twist the pole and the mango will come off. You can attach a plastic bag to the wire, if you don't want the fruit to fall on the ground.

Hope this makes sense.
It does make sense! Sounds like a darned good idea :-) A pic will make it simpler to visualise and construct one.
We have neighbours down the street. (they have a front yard garden) with three mango trees, one huge one and two baby size ones. When parked at the lights, last week, haveing a great look in their yard and i was looking at their mango trees, which all were coverd all over with mangos, i wondering how they would get them they are very old people, (always in their yard). Well this week, all of the mangos are gone????
I was amazed to see this and thought, most of them were green mangoes????

but man they would of had one mean harvest...............hundreds of mangoes, were on those trees.

Our last house had a mango tree, we never went down the back to collect, we let the bats and birds have em.........wish we had a tree now, my hubby and bubs love their fruit.
Photo of mango picker from the top end. My lovely assistant, Riley, is holding the bottom end. Hope you can see how it works. Slip the mango through the fat part and move narrow part over the stem. Then pull or twist.
What a great invention, and I am sure your assistant loves 'helping' with it!


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