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anyone grow Peruvian apples - yummy and we have a couple of cuttings so want advice on best place to plant , support etc especially in this wind ! will be able to share etc next year hopefully if these are successful ! 

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Have not grown it Mary[Ann, but tasted the fruit and it was yummy. When we went to Daley's visit, they had a large one growing near a rear shed and let us taste the fruit.  The plant was huge, and don't know how long to wait for fruiting time.   I suppose you would just treat it like a cactus plant. 

Actually had a look up the back in the cactus garden, and I believe I may have a couple of plants. I purchased them unlabeled. I was interested in edible cactus fruit and also managed to buy another strange fruiting cactus, the name escapes me right now. There are a few different edible cactus fruits.

when w lived in Tucson AZ we had cactus plants and some locals mad us cactus jam - was really tasty ! 

Prickly Pear jam is really quite something. So much pectin, it just about rolls up after the knife when spreading it. Preparing the fruits is, so I'm told, a bit hazardous.

Well this proved to interesting.  I assumed you meant Yacon (Peruvian ground apple) but not at all.  Reminds me of a dragon fruit in many ways.  

tastes very like a crisp dragon fruit ! they are really  yummy and apparently easy to grow ! hope these ones grow like the dragon fruit cause then we can share lots of pieces soon !

and that Mary-Ann is what I love about this site!  


Never heard of this one before.



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