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My poor little paw paw tree is only about a year old and already had a hard life! First it was the mysterious 'claw' leaf that magically fixed itself. Then I saw cobwebs and and diagnosed mites so used an oil/ soap spray that burnt the leaves and nearly killed it.

Today I went to check it and it is starting to look good/ normal again, but noticed tiny, sand/ salt like grains sticking to the stems and a bit on the leaves - any ideas what it could be?

They just wipe off, and tomorrow I will go out with a dish of soapy water & a sponge to give it a bath.
As I sprayed it with oil, maybe (hopefully) it is just something non harmful sticking...

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D possibly scale or mealy bugs use microbes
I don't know what's wrong with your Paw Paw tree Donna, but I am curious about where you get your tree from?
The reason being I have two bought bisexual Paw Paw trees, purchased about a year apart, but both of them are struggling and did not give any fruits despite one is already two years old. We have several that were grown from seeds of shop bought fruits and they are much stronger and healthier. They are about a year old and one of them already have half a dozen small fruits hanging on it...

So I wonder whether there's a problem with nursery bought trees.. ..
Hello Florence
Yes potted pawpaws definitely get set back compared to seed raised ones. I guess because the plants grow so fast that the lack of water, nutrients and room for new roots in a pot puts them into a dormant state - they can't grow as fast as they want to in a pot, or they get interrupted, so they basically sulk (dormant metabolic state to get them through the bad times). To get them growing vigorously again you need to keep the water up to them (but don't make them soggy, that will set the roots back as well). They need to be just right for a while (say about a month) and then they'll possibly decide to have another go at growing 4,000 metres per second. A deep water once a week should do it. If you get potted pawpaws, get them tiny. It would be good to see them in tubes with open bottoms (root pruning tubes) like they use for native plants - that would probably help. Or dump a big slice of pawpaw on the ground (with seeds) where you want one to germinate and cross your fingers :)
Hi Scarlett ~
The Paw Paw trees were in pots definately bigger then tubestock when I got them ~ the one year old one don't look any bigger then when I bought it, and the two year old one is now 7 feet tall, but with little foilage, and a skinny trunk with no flower.. did see a few flowers in early summer, but they dropped off without fruiting. Anyways, I won't buy paw paw trees again, much easier just like you said, dump a big slice of pawpaw on the ground with plenty of seeds ~


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