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We are very fortunate to have one of our 3 pawpaw plants, giving us some lovely fruit (6) for breakfast for the last couple of weeks.  I think they are the plants I got from you Elaine. 

From what I have read they originally came from Mexico and also Hawaii.

This is the first successful plant that I have managed to get fruit from in years. It has orange-red flesh and is a longer style pawpaw, more like a long pear.  One small problem is the last 2 fruit harvested, have a hard stone like piece in the center about the size of a peach stone, similar to what you get in pumpkins sometimes. I wonder if that is a bug bite or papaya fruit fly?

A couple of questions - Do all pawpaws have the deeply indented seed cavity, as I have found that the seeds go deep into the flesh with this variety. 

Has anyone tried planting cuttings or pinched the top of a little seedling as in THIS site from California. 

Must go into the garden and sweet talk my other 3 pawpaw plants to give me some fruit. Is there anything that you should do for them at this time of the year(Autumn)  Lime? Pray, etc.

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You can always pray Christa ;-) BOG recommends Boron this time of year - 1 teaspoon in some litres of water around the root zone. It'll be in the current newsletter.

Two of my Southern Reds turned out to be males. There's 1 left and 1 of my own seedlings. No results so far.

The 'bones' in Pumpkins are a nutrient deficiency afaik. I've not looked into it.

Yes I relate to the deeply indented seed cavity.

Thanks for that Elaine, I happen to have some boron.  Bogi was good when it came to reminders about fruit fertilizing and extra watering etc and what to watch for, I must rejoin.  I wonder if you can do it online.

Great topic Christa, When Graham had his shed built there was a Papaya behind it that everyone who saw it's flowers said it was a male. Well a few months ago we went behind the shed and wow!!! about 20 of these very strange looking things hanging from the tree, they looked like long elongated Avocadoes. Well they grew longer and a bit fatter, and when ripe the flavour was absolutely beautiful.

We now have 5 Pawpaw (2 being Southern Red Papaya) and Papaya (one is a miniature and 2 unknown visitors) growing, 3 Fruiting and 2 were Freebies from Daley's recently so they have a way to go. I must admit though I find that the Red Papaya  (Pawpaw) flavour is our favourite so far. I would be interested to hear what others think of flavour and about other varieties.



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