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Robyn Francis -- one of the matriarchs of Permaculture in this country -- has made available this great resource for free download.

Robyn writes:

With so many people rushing to get a garden growing to Pandemic-proof their lives, I’ve prepared this planting guide for what to start growing right now, in Autumn (March to late May) here in the southern hemisphere subtropics. This climate zone is found along the Australian east coast from the NSW Mid-North Coast (Taree) up to the QLD Sunshine Coast, and in the Atherton Tablelands in FNQ. It is also useful for Subtropical parts of Brazil and Southern Africa.

Since seedlings are in short supply or being limited to takeaway numbers (as at the Caboolture Mkts:no more than 15 of any one type) skilling up is what we all should be doing.

Go HERE to get the guide.

If you are looking for seeds there are plenty of options online. But all stocks are low and are being similarly limited by pandemic demands. So don't let the grass grow under your feet.

There's a war on and you'll need to dig for victory.

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Great post.  Thanks Dave. 

Maybe BLFers should be acutely aware that newbies may be arriving here on this site looking for info. So how can we best give and present that?

Best service them...

The groups are cumbersome, but maybe we can begin a basic FAQ/Q&A system, with a special section on the website.

What to sew now is the obvious beginning question.

Where do I get seeds/seedling is another. So maybe a list of seed companies.

Another option is that we concentrate our seed saving resources for distribution. Maybe if folk did an inventory of their stock they'd know.

Just a few thoughts.Robyn's DIY doc is a great beginning.

Here's a thought: create a headline thread a forum section called PANDEMIC GARDENING and design it to  serve that.

The coronavirus pandemic might be unprecedented, but Australians have turned to growing vegetables in times of international crisis before — during wartime.

Key points:

  • Wars changed both ornamental gardens and gardens set up to supply food in Australia
  • Nurseries have recently ramped up production in response to huge demand for fruit and vegetable plants for backyard gardeners
  • Lockdowns have coincided with seedling season in Australia, which runs from March to September

The panic buying that emptied supermarket shelves across the country has now spread to nurseries with vegetable seedlings, fruit trees and seeds being snapped up in large quantities.

Despite reassurance from the National Farmers' Federation that Australia produces more than enough food, the resurgence in growing fresh produce has continued.

Read more...>

Thanks for this share. I have downloaded to take a look tonight. I can't bear to watch another 'address to the nation'.

I found this info as well Dave,  Forget the toilet paper, go for seeds now.  If you don't have any, you can order online from Eden seeds, Green Harvest, Boondie seeds, Rare Seeds Australia and more.  I think Lissa put a list on this site for seeds.

We have purchased some seeds from Boondie and will be preparing the boxes for planting. Last week I got some perpetual spinach in the mail so these seeds are going shortly.  Must check the moon dates to see if it helps.


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