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Our workshop – 3 ways to transition to a more sustainable world without conflict

The workshop we held last week was not your usual conflict resolution training. We came from the perspective of how we could possibly make the transition to a happier and more sustainable world, cooperatively and efficiently. We began by pointing out that the only way we can see this happening globally in the long-term, is through the implementation of an RBE, or Resource-Based Economy.

fresco_dreamUnfortunately, we’ve found with most RBE projects, or many other community projects for that matter, there is a common trend of misunderstanding, power abuse, disorganisation and religious indoctrination or superstition. Andreas and I discussed in detail, three ways to combat these issues.

 1. Communication – Non-violent communication

anvc_new-trends-in-nvc_enDr Marshall Rosenberg has developed a way that we can speak to each other that minimises harm and empowers all individuals without building ego or inequality. Rather than accusing others or making assumptions about someone else, it forces you to reflect on your feelings and needs. It also encourages you to hear someone else’s feelings and needs, rather than taking offence to something they may say to you, therefore becoming more empathic to other people. You can watch our workshop discussion on YouTube here. Print off the worksheet here.

2. Decision-making – Disentangled Federalism, Minimum Opposition Voting and Support by Artificial Intelligence


We also shared ways you can make decisions in groups. Disentangled Federalism shows how people should only participate in decision making if they are affected by the decision being made. For example, someone in Brisbane should not need to make decisions for people in Cairns.

Also, we watched a video on Minimum-Opposition voting. You can check that out here. If you would like to participate in a Minimum-Opposition vote, we suggest coming to the free event, Zeitgeist Bring-a-Friend Day on Saturday 10th May at 1:30pm.

Finally, Andreas shared information about how Artificial Intelligence could help us make decisions and really enhance our lives. For example, humans are more likely to make decisions to avoid risk, rather than make decisions that would give them the best outcome. Oh, and if you’re thinking of The Matrix or iRobot, Andreas explains how that would NOT happen. Check out the workshop discussion here.


3. Project Management – SCRUM, Resource Management

 The final way to work towards a Resource-Based Economy cooperatively and efficiently could be by using the same process many companies use in software development, SCRUM. For example, in SCRUM, teams are decided upon not by having the same skill sets, but by having the same goals. The idea is that people are more motivated working on a project they are interested in. Rather than all of the same people working together, you end up with a mixed skillset. Meetings are highly organised and efficient, with a SCRUM Master to make sure they do not go overtime or off-track. For more on SCRUM, these videos are easy to follow and give you a good all-round understanding of the process.


Resource management was the final point we covered. This is a particular issue that is commonly discussed globally in the Zeitgeist Movement – management of scarce resources. For the full video, including the discussion about SCRUM, click here. For the compressed version which mainly focuses on resource management, click here.

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