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Many moons ago in my childhood, we grew a huge willow tree in our backyard.  Many good times were had in and under the willow tree.  My father built an oversized see-saw beside this tree, and with six siblings, we had fun.    It was the only tree near the house.  

Not many people would think to plant a willow tree (Salix babylonica), maybe it was our dutch heritage, but we chose a different type of willow from the dutch trees. 

After reading a little about the willow, I came across THIS SITE, which was quite interesting to read. 

My intrigue led me to another site, see LINK here.

Had we known, we could have woven the branches and maybe made some cricket bats, or used it as a pain-killer.       

Do you have a tree from your childhood, maybe a fruit tree like a big mango tree or climbing tree which is implanted in your memories?

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My favourite tree was one next to the sweet shop in the UK where I grew up. I have no idea what sort of tree it was, except that it was a climbing tree. Every Thursday (Dad's payday), myself and both brothers would climb the tree waiting for Dad to appear, driving home from work. He would stop at the sweet shop and buy us each our weekly treat of a chocolate bar. By climbing up as high as we could go in the tree, we would get the first sight of him coming and by then we had worked out what type of chocolate bar we would choose this week.

It was also the tree where I fell over, running to school one day, cutting my head open, and after treatment from the school nurse being taken home wrapped in bandages to my Mother, who looked at me aghast, as if I had nearly killed myself.

Trees have always been an important part of my life!! 

A majestic Queensland bottle tree for me - enough to make anyone a tree-hugger.  

I have a youngish one in a pot now. Trunk just starting to fill out but the bark is lovely and the little honeyeaters and willie-wagtails like to sit on its branches to shake themselves down after the birdbath.



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