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Found this website today which delivers across Greater Brisbane, the Northern and Western suburbs, Logan, Redlands/Bayside, Tamborine and surrounding areas, and the Gold Coast.  May be useful to some members in these areas.

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Do anyone have any success in contacting the site, I have sent email when I first saw this post, but still no reply from them..
I'm not in a position to order at the moment, so haven't contacted them yet Joanne. Try the phone numbers given: Win 5546 2303 or Andrew 0414 458 175. Let us know how you get on.
Hi everyone, just thought I'd let you know I ordered some sugar cane.  There's a minimum order of 10 for delivery and I think price depends on location to an extent.  He charged me $5.50 each.  If you're ordering less than 20 or 30 he'll deliver when he needs to go to your area which might take a week or so.  Payment is by cash or cheque on delivery.
Good to know Vanessa - thanks for sharing!
Thanks Vanessa, I've left them a message last week, but haven't got a reply yet.  Will try again today ~

Florence, did you get through?  I called the mobile as there was no reply on the home phone.

Will be very interested to hear your feedback on the quality of the mulch you get Vanessa.

Be aware that sugar cane can sometimes 'mat' on the garden bed and doesn't let water through.  So if you are using it I would recommend that you check to make sure that the water is actually getting to the soil instead of running off... see this blog I did awhile ago.

Just checked my local produce store, so for a comparison, they have small and large (round) bales:

40 x 50 x 80cm = 0.16 m3 = $9

120d x 150cm = 1.7 m3 = $70

Looking forward to seeing how Vanessa's mulch turns out. Hopefully it arrives before the 26th!

Haven't heard from them yet but he said is would be a week or so before delivery.  Just hope it's a day when I'm home so I can pay him. : ) I'll let you all know when it arrives.


Donna, I don't find the course stuff from most produce stores matts too much, more the fine cut stuff that you buy wrapped in plastic at the supermarket (Rockypoint).   It is always good to give mulch a fluff up every now and then too though.  I presume the stuff I've ordered is course cut.

Thanks for the info! I needed a cheaper way to mulch and this could be it. Cheers :) 


No problems - I'm wondering how Vanessa Collier liked the mulch. Would be great to get an update on what it was like.


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