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Currant Family Sugar Cane mulch

Found this website today which delivers across Greater Brisbane, the Northern and Western suburbs, Logan, Redlands/Bayside, Tamborine and surrounding areas, and the Gold Coast.  May be useful to some members in these areas.

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You can also read a review of the mulch here and the pricing delivered is quoted by this customer as $5.50/bale.

would be great if we can get it for $5.5 per bale.. I just paid $10 per bale for 5...


This is a great price I paid a lot more plus delivery from my local Landscaper supplier and I usually buy about 10-12 bales at a time.

I'd be happy to buy 10 bales if they are $5.50 each delivered free.

Strange that they don't have a price on the website.

hi all

having difficulty finding the website address for this sugar cane.

any help greatly appreciated..


Hi Isabella - sorry the link might have been hard to see - should have made it more obvious!  It was in the heading for Currant Family Sugar Cane mulch -

Cheers, Anne

oh thanks anne,

Great picture :-)


Thanks Anne!  I'll be needing some mulch before the garden visit.
I haven't used them personally but the price delivered sounds pretty good.  We use the same type of sugar cane bales here and they break into about 13 'biscuits' nicely so have good coverage and last really well.
I'm so pleased to have this link. $5.50 per bale is wonderful. Thanks for passing this on. :-)
I'm confused about their size. The bales I get from my local produce store, are about...$8 or $9 from memory. These seem to be able to cover much more than just 2 square metres, and are about 3ft long. They seem to be quite dense too. Am I just spreading them out more than I should be or perhaps there are different size bales from different suppliers? I would think that by using biscuits as is, without fluffing them up a bit, would prevent water from penetrating through.

Jon I think the size of the bales from our experience can vary quite a bit as to whether you buy them covered or uncovered and what kind of mulch it is.  Unbagged grassy mulch hay tends to be quite tightly packed and goes a long way and the bales are really quite large in size.  Sugar cane bales are usually dense but a bit shorted and quite coarse. Bagged sugar cane mulches are a completely different product - usually much finer and cover about 4m2.

I always fluff the biscuits up too but it's useful to know how many are in the bales you buy so you can work out quantities required for the square metres and depth you want to cover.  e.g. for the bales we get, biscuits are roughly 7-8cm wide so the bale is about a metre long. 

Depth depends on what we are mulching - food bearing plants and trees vs natives and ornamentals.  We mulch fruit trees deeper than most other species (unless we are taking remedial action on a tree for instance).  We have a policy of spending the money on the plants that have the highest value (food, shade trees near the house, decorative beds near the house etc). 

The other factor in deciding the depth for us is what's under the mulch.  If we have added manure, compost, lucerne or other organic matter then this will be consumed by microbes quite quickly in warm weather so we tend to mulch more thickly to form a blanket while the worms turn this into humus.  If we are just topping up mulch from the previous year, then a thinner layer is needed.


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