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I cook a lot of rice dishes that usually straddle the Latino tradition and that of the  Middle East.
The approach in both cuisines is very similar.
In the Middle East 'Pilaf' is either made from rice or bulgur (cracked wheat) but the deal is to steam the rice (and meat, vegetables or fruits -- fruits as in Persian polos) so that all the flavours and textures merge by the end of cooking.
Once you combine the ingredients and top the vessel with a lid, there is no going back until the timer rings.
Knowing your rice and how much wet stuff, juices and fluids you can cook it with is an art worth learning.
So much rice plus just enough moisture to cook it in.
But this dish surprised me: One Pot Mexican Chicken and Rice (LINK).
Darn good.
   garlic cloves
   corn kernels
   black beans
   chicken pieces rubbed with  paprika based spice mix. ..
Capsicum and corn kernals and beans among all that rice topped with chicken? You'd think it's sure to go to mash.
I cook with tommy toes when I have them but when not, any fresh tomatoes. As for the rest: so much variety in the one pot.
Bulk it up and you'll have leftover heaven.
I punch up the flavour by spooning in some of my capsicum and my chimichurri ferment.
Of course this dish packs a nutritional wallop. Despite that, each fork full explodes in your mouth.

..and its an easy meal.

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I love one pot dishes. Sounds good.

Sound pretty good to me as well. 

Sounds tasty Dave. 

Have you tried cooking with freekeh? It complements chicken very well.

Freekeh? No. but I do cook with bulgur.



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