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Good Evening Members, I am on the hunt for Spice Jars. There is a particular one that I am after if I can find them and that is the old McCormack's Green Top Jars, the bigger ones but I would be thankful for what I can get. 

I am also after used Mustard Jar, I don't need Lids as I use New ones, I am starting to make my own Mustards and can't wait to experiment. I'm sure to have enough to bring samples along to Garden Visits.

Also today is my First time Baking Spelt Bread so if it turns out I will take pics and bring on Sunday. I made a beautiful Spelt Salad this week using the Spelt Pearls. It was Yummy. Don't you love these Kitchen Experiments. 

Back to the jars, I will be at Christa & Ian's GV on Sunday if you can help me out with any....

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Do you mean this type, Dianne.

McCormick Allspice Ground

Yes that is them. 

Just had a look at our spice jars, and they are another brand (master foods) sorry.  We must shop at different places.  I will keep my small mustard jars for you.



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