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Would anyone like some okra seeds for free? I think this is the spineless green type? They are certainly highly productive. I'm not sure how long the shelf life is for these seeds but I have a lot of them now (and more pods drying on the plants) so if anyone is interested in growing okra next Spring, just let me know.


Here's a photo of the okra. Somebody gave me 5 seeds the previous summer. I have 20 plants growing in the backyard. They have very beautiful flowers and I notice they attract a lot of ladybeetles and bees, including a solitary blackish bee which I've never seen before.

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Hello Joseph, if you do still happen to have some seeds I would love to swap a few.... Im currently living in the UK at the moment and arrive back in November - I had to give away my seed store when I left as I wasnt sure how long I would be over here for, so have just ordrered a large amount of heriloom seeds for all sorts (including a red okra), if there is something you might like and want to do a postal swap once im home Id be more than happy to! (Im so eager to get back into my patch that Ive already ordered the seeds and they are waiting at my sisters til I can get home and get straight back into it!)

Hi Michelle, yep I have some. I dried quite a few pods last season and each one contains about 100 seeds!

Happy to post them to you when you're home. Speak soon. Cheers


Brilliant!!! Oh, I love this website, it is so wonderful to meet like minded, happy gardeners like yourself.  I will send you an email once Im back home again (early December) Thank you!


Hi Joseph

I am a new member. I was wondering if you still had any okra seeds leftover after sharing? If so, could I have some? Currently, I buy frozen okra and they are not tasty. I've only recently started my vege patch (in pots) and would love to include okra. Let me know. Ta.

If Joseph doesn't have any left, Donna have some in her Brisbane Seed Savers seeds library.

She'll have a garden visit at her place on 30th of October

They're so easy to grow in summer, too bad I don't like them... too slimy for my taste ^^

Hi Sam

Welcome to Brisbane Local Food! It's a great site.

Unfortunately okra isn't suited to freezing I think. As Florence pointed out, they bloom like weeds over summer. I must have collected over 600 pods from my 15-20 plants last season.

I still have plenty of seed lying around. If you're attending Donna's garden visit, you can get some from her or otherwise I'm happy to pass some to you if you're living in the south.

Hi Florence/Joseph

Thank you. Yes, this is a great site indeed. I'd love to get some seed as I will only know closer to the date if I can attend Donna's garden visit.

I live in Wynnum and work in the city. Let me know what suits you and I can pick them up :) Ta.

Florence, the sliminess disappears if they are sauteed really well. But I do know a lot of people who wouldn't touch it :)

Hi Sam

Let me know if you didn't make it to the garden meet. I'm down at Wynnum/Manly/Lota on a fairly regular basis to do a bit of fishing (especially now that the summer whiting are on) so we can catch up around there. Cheers Joseph

Hi Joseph

Thanks. Will let you know after the weekend if I made it or not.

Cheers, Sam

Hi Joseph

I made it to Donna's garden visit. Most exciting was the red okra seeds and dragon fruit cutting as well as learn a few things. I have already planted them. I would like to have some green okra seeds if possible - either next time you are down here or can pick up as well. Ta Sam


Or I can post some to you Sam, I've plenty here. PM me with your details.
Okay, will give them a try again since they're so easy to grow... Sauteed with garlic?


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