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I hope everyone survived the downpour....wetter than Darwin here in Greenbank!!!
Ok, Im thinking about adding a few new fruit tree varieties to the collection - these are......
Jaboticaba -(the unusual grape like fruit that sets on the trees bark)
Dragon fruit - just the standard white/black spot seed variety.
Kumquat - why not?
Longan 'Kohala' variety - I love Lychee & hear these are similar, but more 'cold' weather tolerant.
Has anyone had any success / failures with these fruit trees?
Id love to hear your thoughts :)

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Hi Roger - thanks for the tip on the 'large leaf' variety of Jaboticaba ! Noted - I will try and get one from Daley's.
What a tragedy seeing your trees die out in the drought... I have two Lychees, the one planted last September in the chicken run area is doing great - the other not so well. We are yet to see an entire year here (July), so we are still learning about the property's wet/dry areas - and Lychee '2' was planted in an area that gets really wet (crappy clay soils). Had the same problem, and nearly lost a Tamarillo tree due to soggy roots, it lost half its leaves, and looked really sick, as a last resort I sprayed it with Yates 'Anti-Rot', (and sacrificed a chicken, lol)  - joking, no chickens were harmed - surprised to say that the 'Anti-Rot' brought the Tamarillo tree back to life - but 6 Pawpaw trees couldn't be saved. My bad, I planted them (unknowing) in a real wet spot. The paperbark tree in the same area should have warned me... I just missed all the clues.
 Thanks for the offer on the fig cuttings!
I've planted a few varieties of Blueberries in pots - hoping they will do well, still very young, but looking happy planted in an acid potting mix.
I must look into the Cherry trees, a few people have mentioned them.
Thanks for the advice Roger, much appreciated :)

Acerola cherry is a tropical/subtropical tree, also called barbados cherries, or vitamin c fruit.  It is a really tough tree... I had it in a really small pot thinking it wouldn't survive with no watering for long periods of time, but it did, it just dropped lots of leaves and grew small leaves.  It still managed to flower and fruit a couple of times.  I have recently changed it to a larger pot, and it just exploded with growth with leaves tripled the size they were.  I think it was too busy growing, so only gave me two fruits, but they were nice and juicy ~ 

If you are after a Jaboticaba or a Grumichama - check out Daley's mature fruit tree section.  These are supposedly really slow growing so might be worth the extra money to get mature trees.  We have a little Nagami Kumquat that puts out year after year.  I don't think it is a dwarf but they must be naturally small trees because ours is just about 1.5 m but very healthy and in full production.  They are a little bit sweet so I eat them occasionally straight off the tree, skin and all.  My husband uses them in his Phillapino dishes and I use them for cumquat jam.  Panama berries are nice.  I have a black sapote just planted so no idea how it will go long term but it is rather pretty.  Do you have banana's?  I am growing goldfinger which is such a heavy producer - each of my bunches so far have been over 12 hands with roughly 12 LARGE banana's in each hand.  I also have the multigrafted, low chill cherry (mini-royal and royal-lee) on order as well - due June.  That's about all I can think of that you don't seem to already have :)

Hi Susan! - Thanks for the tip on the advanced trees from Daley's - Im really keen on a Jaboticaba, and one that saves a couple of years till fruiting would be a bonus.
Im keen to go for a drive down to Kyogle (my fathers birthplace of all places) and see what the experts at Daley's have in stock, and what they have to say.
We have one banana tree on our property, but it was planted in the wrong place by the previous owners, - not much sun where it is, so its still small.
The little Nagami Kumquat tree sounds great! I have a sweet tooth!

Do you know what variety of banana it is?  Mine fruit at just above 2 metres tall..

Hi all - thanks so much for all the replies!
Im sorry im late replying, but Tim Oliver delivered 100 bag's of composted horse manure, and I've been elbow deep in 'poop' for the last 4 days spreading natures goodness around all the fruit trees and veggie gardens...
I ache so much I actually brought dencorub...  - first time in years...

Now its time to finally relax and read the comments... :)


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