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Thankyou to all of the people who have offered to take on the stewardship of Brisbane Local Food now that I am stepping down. 

It's great that people want the site to continue, and that lots of people are willing to put the effort in to make it so.

I have decided to give BLF to the folks whose offer most closely approximates the original ethos, intentions and mechanics of the existing site. I figure this will give BLF its best chance at continued survival, and is the most likely to keep existing members happy.

So thankyou to Farina Murray ( with help from her husband Julian, who is in IT ) for taking on this job. 

Hopefully, whatever they make of it will continue to help people to access and grow local food and help our communities and our planet by doing so.

Many of you have offered to help as administrators - I leave that to Farina.

I won't leave the site entirely, but I won't be around much either. After all, I do live in country Victoria now - and I don't have a glasshouse! These days I'm wanting info on hazelnuts, not pecans ;)

I am very grateful that we don't have to close this site down just because I am leaving, for the sake of everyone :)

All the best to you all, and please make Farina and Julian welcome.


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Thank you Scarlett for starting up and maintaining this marvelous site.

Good Luck Scarlett, whatever you chose to do in life and wherever you are.  I have absolutely loved being part of Brisbane Local Food and really hope this web site continues.  Unfortunately I do not have the time to assist with keeping this web site going.  So once again, thank you so much Scarlett!! 

Good news Scarlett, Thanks for everything, hope you enjoy your life in green Victoria. I spent 12 months in Melbourne in 1970/71. Found a good recipe for slush puppies back then in July    -------- scrape ice off windscreen and add cordial ---LOL

Welcome Farina and Julian, I'm sure you will keep up the great work Scarlett has done over the years.

Thank you so much Scarlett for starting such a wonderful site for Brisbane local growers. You and your knowledge will be greatly missed. Good luck with your future adventures.

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone :) Jules and I really do look forward to taking this on - its just about all our favourite things rolled into one great project...!

And Scarlett thank you - for everything! This website has been such a wonderful catalyst for growing change, one garden at a time in the Brisbane community. Brisbane foodies, backyard gardeners, mum and dad gardeners, urban gardeners, community gardeners and everyone in between will be forever grateful for your passion and vision.

So, keep the site going in keeping with its original intent we definitely will, while also endeavouring to grow and contribute to the BLF community.Mind, we've got "L" plates as we figure it all out, but with any luck, things should work out just fine!

Thank you Scarlett and welcome Farina and Julian!


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