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I've created a small water feature from a largish tub left over from the drought time - this is mainly for the bees as a water source, with a Lebanese Cress and Kangkong put into it in their pots.

For all those with experience with such things, is this big enough to add some native fish (Pacific Blue eyes have been suggested) to keep the mosquito larvae down?

It's in a relatively shady spot with some sun during the AM.

If "yes" to the fish...where's the best place to get my hands on some? and how many should I add? and do I need to feed the poor wee things once they're in?

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I agree with Andrew on the $3 gudgeons. They're quite hardy, cheap and easily obtainable from any petstore. I've got several in my non-aerated ponds and they seem to multiply easily. They're little homing missiles when it comes to mosquito larvae. Happy to give you some if your out Nundah way.

There are two aquariums on Stafford Road.  They'll have them.

That's where I usually get mine from Andrew. The specialized one can be a bit expensive though but the pet store has lots of cheap ones. 

Yep on all counts Emily.

Do you two realise how long Stafford Rd is :/

Any hints as to locations/landmarks/name would help.

I think one they may be referring to is Stafford Road, east of the shopping centre (just past Webster Road)

There is two - one is on the corner of Stafford and Shand Streets.  The other - is indeed east of Webster road.  It looks like a dog place.  There's a fruit shop opposite.  

Aquarama (the expensive one):

Pet Superstore (cheaper) 


You're a wonderful girl Emily :) thank you.

That's a tempting offer Jake. Let's see how I go at catching my own first, but I might take you up on that.

I know I've wandered completely off the point here, but can anyone take or find a picture of these cheap and cheerful gudgeon? I'm curious as to what they are.

As requested sir, but alas, these are not cheerful fella's. They're cold hearted killers!


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