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1. last year Dave was offering seeds of Achocha  - I read all of the posts on the forum .... does anyone have seed available and how did they all grow... 

2. looking for information on growing conditions and seeds/ plants of mouse melon cucumelon. have been given three different sets of seeds and despite being told by all three donors that they were very easy to grow I have not had any success....

3. looking for viable seeds for spaghetti squash ( bought them from green harvest and  diggers club - followed instructions but they failed. Had one plant last year I grew from seeds from a squash I purchased at fruit shop  but the seeds saved from last year got eaten by presumably a mouse ...

4. looking for viable seeds for any unusual squash, melons gourds etc. grow we Chilacoyote ,Jicama  bitter melon and bottle gourds ( sold to us as New Guinea bean)   that have been successful if anyone wants seeds .

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thanks for the offer but we finally have spagetti squash seeds growing - i think I was just to enthusiastic and it was still too cold for them ... okay now I am totally confused - years ago  we grew what we were told was guada bean, a hugh vine  and they were really lovely short about 30cm long and the longer you left them on the vine the fatter they became , never hard skinned always soft like a zucchini ( about the size and shape of a large spaghetti squash but dark and pale green stripped like a green zuchini )- tasted liked a zuchini , made wonderful soup and really delicious cut in half and stuffed with bacon mince and tomato/ onion sauce then baked ( exactly the way i do spaghetti squash) .... then we were told they were new guinea bean but the new guinea bean we had then and now are so different they had a very tough pumpkin like skin taste nutty and rather bitter at times but not as bitter as a bitter melon( which we also grow) . They grow longer and paler skinned and have large soft seeds . the bottle gourd are different shape ( thin at the top and fat at the bottom) also have a hard pumpkin like skin and even paler than the new Guinea bean but not as pale as the tromochino zuchinni that we also grow ! The Calabash we have is dark but  round like a chilacoyote in shape but much nicer taste ! - the bottle gourd we feed to the ducks as it just seems a waste of good space - tasteless ad so much work to actually eat them .  we also have snake gourd and that is different again and we grew snake gourd luffa while living in US for a while !  so do you have any idea what the guada bean that we first grew was because i would love some of them a they were superior to anything we have at the moment! and that is one of the reasons we have tried all these different squash vining beans  calabash zucchinis luffas etc. 

Hi Mary-anne.  Good to hear about the spaghetti squash.  Were they from my seeds or your batch that you planted earlier?  Mine are starting to climb now - so excited.  I hope these grow well.

one from you and one from Rob have come up so far !!!! yay - I love them so much ! 

Hi Frances,

It is nice to hear from the suppliers.  That is very good to know that you are happy to hear about problems - it inspires confidence in your product.  I was wondering if you could expand your selection of melons?  I am after some Charentais melon seeds again and would love to purchase from your company.  

I supplied others from my harvest of Achochas but forgot to keep some for myself!

Nonetheless, I do have various 'squash' seeds. I'll review my stock. 

I have these seeds:  New Guinea Bean, Spaghetti Squash, Hairy Melon,Bitter Melon, Serpent Gourd, and Chilacayote Squash

The problem is that if you have too many various squashes growing you can be squashed by squashes.

And find they are happily cross-breeding and you have something quite different to the varieties you started with.

haha  Dave good joke !  did try to grow Hairy Melon if its the same as Winter melon but the seed from a store bought fruit did not germinate, will try again now . wow Elaine never thought of them cross breeding . Could be an interesting experiment ! 

It's where varieties come from originally and that's fine if you have a definite product in mind. But can be a hazard if you want to save seeds of your current varieties. Happy x-breeding occurs with cabbage-family plants as well just to mention 2 plant families we use a lot. Oh and the daisy-family e.g. Lettuces cross-pollinate too.

There's books on seed-saving which spell out how far apart in distance various members of common plant families need to be to ensure pure seeds.

Acquaintance grew maize seeds for a seed company. Property on Clarence River remote from any other cultivation. Maize (corn) is wind-pollinated like all grasses and their pollen can really travel. But our bees do a good job too.

Hi  MARY ANNE I grew mouse melon again and you are  welcome to seeds if you would  like some please message me for details

Anybody still seeds for this mouse melon? I am looking at growing it next season.
Nope. I meant achocha or Bolivian cucumber.


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