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1. last year Dave was offering seeds of Achocha  - I read all of the posts on the forum .... does anyone have seed available and how did they all grow... 

2. looking for information on growing conditions and seeds/ plants of mouse melon cucumelon. have been given three different sets of seeds and despite being told by all three donors that they were very easy to grow I have not had any success....

3. looking for viable seeds for spaghetti squash ( bought them from green harvest and  diggers club - followed instructions but they failed. Had one plant last year I grew from seeds from a squash I purchased at fruit shop  but the seeds saved from last year got eaten by presumably a mouse ...

4. looking for viable seeds for any unusual squash, melons gourds etc. grow we Chilacoyote ,Jicama  bitter melon and bottle gourds ( sold to us as New Guinea bean)   that have been successful if anyone wants seeds .

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I grew Mouse Melon eventually from a seedling given to me by Darren (from memory) who grew quite a lot of it. I found it took up a lot of space for very little return. Small cucumbers basically. 

Love Jicama, very worthwhile growing...but will not be putting more in myself due to lack of growing space. Though they will grow in quite harsh low light conditions.

I have some seed you might be interested in:

Carnival Squash Cucubita pepo (ex Dragonman)

Toad Melon Piel de Sapo

Trombone pumpkin and Tromboncino zucchini - not sure if they are the same thing

Thai Honey Melon

the seeds sound wonderful - will have to research them when I get home ! we grow Tromboncino zucchini and love it ! thanks

Trombone pumpkin is a definite variety of gramma  pumpkin - can be green or yellow and shaped like a trombone !

There's also Tatume cucubita pepo - according to Pat Pierce who gave them to me similar to a zuchinni and can be eaten small or mature.

Tatume cucubita pepo sound amazing and would love some if you have spare 

Yes I was going to mention that I have seeds of the trombone gramma (or whatever it's called) that is fruiting madly at the moment but you're probably already growing it. I'm interested in trying some of the ones you've mentioned above, especially Jicama, which for some reason I haven't tried to grow yet. Cheers

trying to grow Jicama from tuber so will let you know - we only left one pod on the vine so will have a few seeds for planting . we  were told to remove all the flowers so the tuber will grow properly - this is what we grew/// do you want me to send you a couple of seeeds when they are ready or will you wait until you come visit in oct and we will have tried to get a few tubers growing in pots ? Phil and anyoe else...

Will be interested to see how you go growing Jicama from tuber. I've only ever used seed before.

It's difficult to get/save some seed isn't it when we are advised to removed flowers and pods to promote tuber growth. Did you know the pods are poisonous?

yes and one of the reasons we remove them is its growing on the fence of the cow paddock with only an electric wire to stop them eating it ...

Thanks Mary-Ann. I'm happy to wait and in any case you may find you need all your seeds. I would suggest you grow an extra plant (from seed) just for seeds so you don't have this problem - that's what I'll do anyway. Nice sized tuber btw.

Hi Mary-Ann, I just went outside to the GV swap table and found spaghetti squash seeds from Forget Me Not Heritage Seeds. I have brought them (and the other leftover seeds) inside to avoid mouse-bite. I'll set the spag squash seeds aside for you. I may also have some from Fairdinkum Seeds, I'll put these aside for you as well.

I saved some seeds from a market bought potkin (cute pumpkin) and a spaghetti squash and planted 4 last week - all 4 came up!! Welcome to some if you want.  I also picked up some Bolivian Cucumber seeds from the garden visit from DAVE - I think these are the ACHOCHA?  If you want them, you're welcome to them

In terms of melons, these are seeds I either still have from last year or self harvested from last years crop so hopefully still viable:

Cream of Saskatchewan, Moon & stars (Watermelons)

Ananas, Delice De La Table, Prescott Fond Blanc: Rockmelons

I'd be after the Charentais Melons if anyone has any seeds they'd like to trade.

The only other thing I have from that family that you might be interested in is Ronde De nice Zucchini. 

Anyway, private message me if you want any.  

Please do contact us (Green Harvest) for replacement seed of Vegetable Spaghetti if you haven't already found some. We are always happy to provide replacements if there are any problems with germination. We also find it very helpful to be told as even though we do constant germination trials something can slip through and the head's up is always great. Last year I had a very disappointing result with Achocha (Caigua) so don't have it available. We have Mouse Melon under the name Mexican Sour Gherkin. Diggers have had this seed for quite a few years but we have only been offering it for about a year - we are undecided about continuing it as it may simply be too weedy for QLD - any feedback welcome. We mainly used it for pickling and find it extremely productive but also find it self-sows aggressively. It needs quite a bit of heat to germinate.  New Guinea Bean (Lagenaria siceraria) has a lot of synonyms: Italian edible gourd, gourd cucuzzi, Indian squash, bottle gourd, calabash gourd, doodhi, lowki so is a bottle gourd but like a lot of plants with many common names it can be confusing. We have plenty of Chilacayote and Tatume seed in stock. Hope this helps.


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