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A great roll up - so good to see new members of BLF joining with established members.

Interested to see little knots of people in earnest conversation. Three or four men over here talking about *** ... three or four women over there discussing ***. We were joined by some junior gardeners too making it an all-generations morning with much to be gained by everyone.

There's the famous raised beds surrounded by self-seeded Lettuces and Mustards. Then there's the bee-attracting flowers such as the Salvias and the Sunflowers. Surrounded by bee hives (native and exotic) and large plants such as the Banana.



Good mix of swapsies and a good lineup of scrumptious edibles. Special mention of Dianne's preserves and Rob's Davidson Plum jam, both new taste sensations.

Lissa stepped in when we couldn't deliver on our promise of a GV in May. Thank you Lissa! Always a pleasure to visit your garden bursting with produce. And the pix are only from the back ... there's lots more in the front and on the verge.

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Am I waiting for the flies to fly into my mouth in the pic, no we were all having a good chat about Vegies, Cheese, Cakes, Popcorn and Preserves etc. It was a lovely day everyone having a good time and so many new faces to meet. Always good to put a face to a name. Thanks so much everyone for the scrumptious Morning Tea. See you at the next GV.

Love the pics and write up Elaine. Thank You Lissa for showing use how to split up the Water Chestnuts, can't believe there were so many nuts in there. 

A wonderful morning, Lissa. Such a great group of people. As always, there were plenty of great conversations, excellent food and soooo many plants to learn about and share with each other.

That Plum Jam of Rob's was just heaven in a jar! I loved the flavour and the tartness. I also loved Dianne's Bread & Butter Pickles. 

It was also good to meet the new folks that came along today, and hope to see them again soon.

Once mentioned Dianne, I had to scroll back and look for the fly catcher. I did not see it the first time as my eyes were focused on your plate with the 2 delicious relish/preserves, thank you and yum.

Those hot beans were lovely too, thanks Lissa and thanks for another lovely garden visit.

Lovely meeting many of you today and seeing many again. Thanks all for sharing your knowledge and experience in our conversations today. And than you Tim for the poo!

I almost forgot the amazing popcorn, thanks Jan, I now know why it was a talking point on an earlier GV.

Thanks for organising the composted horse manure as well :)  I only got into the garden at 4 this arvo so didn't have much time but have already managed to use two bags - one going on the garden beds lining the front path (hippeastrums, climbing rose, lemon, orange, pomegranate and mandarine), the other in some pots and front wicking beds and the apple tree.  3 have been set aside for the the asparagus beds, 8 for the vegie wicking beds, 2 for around various fruit trees and two for the flower beds.  That leaves only 3 spare, which I'm sure I'll find a use for.  I managed to get the cat whisker cuttings into a pot and I've dipped into cutting powder so we'll see if that makes a difference to my history of cutting unsuccess. 

Great job Elaine,  Garden is looking as good as ever Lissa.  

Great visit again lissa .always great catchin up with everyone and checking out whats new .That monsterios fruit was something else wasnt it .Your harvesting of those water chestnuts got me keen so I harvested some j artichokes thanks again for your hospitality                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Thanks Elaine for the report :) And thank you to everyone for coming along. We did have a very excellent morning!

I have plenty of water chestnuts to share for on-growing for next years crop if anyone wants some.

Here's my white choko too. Very excited that this plant has finally taken off after sitting and sulking for maybe two years. Very odd behaviour for a choko. The first one I grew as a lot more co-operative. Not as tough or long lived as they green one. Can't wait to eat one again and decide if they really do taste better than the green or if it is all in my head.


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