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Molasses For Plants – How To Use It In Your Garden

Have you wondered why some Organic Fertilizers smell like Molasses. I found this useful info whilst searching the net..

It sounds crazy, but a can of Coke is actually really beneficial for the garden.

In fact, various forms of sugar are very useful to use in your foliar sprays.

If you’re applying any kind of microbial inoculant such as effective microorganisms or compost tea, the right sugar will give the microbes some food to eat right when they get out there, to wake them up and get them working away on all the amazing things they do for us.

Along the same lines, if you’re applying any kind of organic fertilizer, sugar will give your existing microbes the food they need to get them all excited so that they’ll start breaking down that new fertilizer, making it available for plants.

That’s especially helpful when applying a source of nitrogen such as liquid fish, because the carbon in the sugar balances out the nitrogen, much like we try to do when building a compost pile.

Apply some form of sugar every time you spray anything. It’s not expensive either.

I’d use Coca-Cola in a pinch, but really, there are 2 types that are ideal…

Molasses For Plants

The first is unsulfured molasses.

The ‘unsulfured’ part is important because sulfur is used in some products as a preservative, to kill microbes, and we obviously don’t want to do that, as we’re trying to encourage microbes.

Use Molasses for plants whenever you're ‘activating’ effective microorganisms and sometimes again when spraying it.

The benefits of molasses as fertilizer, in addition to the sugar, are that it actually contains a nice array of minerals for the garden, and it’s also very sticky, so it helps your microbes and fertilizers stick to plant leaves during application.

Molasses for Plants Additional Information

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Interesting! I use the Molasses sold for cooking. The label does not say whether there is or is not any sulphur in it. CSR Molasses in a squeeze pack - who knows more about this product?

There's also Golden Syrup, fairly cheap and already a liquid.

Un-sulphured blackstrap molasses is what I have, and it can be used with mulch, good for the garden soil and cane mulch.  It undergoes three stages of boiling and I suppose it goes well with sugar cane mulch as it has the same origins. 

Fine but from where did you buy it?

Elaine, it was a couple of years ago, I think it was from the Maleny Co-op.  

Produce stores sell molasses Bernies produce at Doomben  is where i purchased a couple of year ago in a 20 l recycled drum.

Thank you for the info about the molasses. There is a produce store nearby and I will ask them what they stock.


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