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I'm running two milk crate projects: one at home and another at the school garden.

In both cases are weed mat covered and stacked horizontally  together in 4s or 8s.

In all instances the 'rig' works very well and I'm growing -- we're growing -- tomatoes, cucumbers , zucchini and peppers in these crates.

So far so good. The crates are out in full sun, are hand watered but when placed shoulder to shoulder they seem to retain their moisture better than other 'pot' options.

If I didn't have such a large backyard space & garden -- I'd be a milk crate veg gardener ...

Some one mentioned the prospect of using the crates to grow potatoes. I thought they'd be a tad shallow for spuds but doubling up may work...But who doubles up milk crates?


I was in a cafe in Bald Hills on Friday morning and that's what they do (Picture at left). For effect they'd bagged the crates on the outside and they're growing trees in them. 

I do recommend 'crate gardening so long as they a stacked together for the sake of insulating the soil. 

You'll need a trolley to move single and double crates about...and when combining crates, one on top of the other you'd need to cut out the bottom of the top one and tie it to the crate underneath -- maybe with cable ties? Cables ties are also useful for attaching the weed mat to the insides of the crates.You could add a hessian bag for effect -- but i'm sure it would not only provide extra insulation, but the bag would hold moisture to the crate walls.

So next spud season maybe a milk crate is gonna be more reliable than a bag?

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Terrific find there, and impressive evolution path being applied in what you are already doing Dave.

Great idea love simplicity ,you could make a real neat 3 tier garden with those and they are just so mobile move out tomorrow with it.One or two tubers would defifinately grow in those crates building as they it

Crates are approx $13 on the market but you can get second hand or old crates for $1 to $2 each from Dump Shops. Supply being the issue. Standard cheap weed mat works fine as a liner...and you can do your attaching with cable ties.

Cutting crates requires a rasp, cutters or the like. Heated knives work but the activity is a tad toxic.

The singles we filled with quality garden soil: that's OK for annuals...and they appreciate a mulch on top of the soil. But you really need a hand trolley to move them about when they are filled with soil. 

Then they'd weigh 30 kgm at least.

Here's my latest milk crate project:


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