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Media: Coal seam gas tenements in Brisbane suburbs

A large coal seam gas exploration permit has been granted over a large part of Brisbane's western suburbs.

Suburbs of Brisbane covered by the EPP include Moggill, Pullenvale, Karana Downs and Brookfield and the tenement comes within a kilometre or so of the Kenmore shopping centre.

<Companies are> "drilling in the inner suburbs of Sydney, there are coal seam gas EPPs over Toowoomba...," Mr Hutton said.

"For example, Arrow's recently-completed environmental impact statement allows for coal seam gas wells to be placed within 200 metres of someone's house.

"Anyone living in Brisbane who thinks they are necessarily removed from the risks of high-impact resource extraction near them should think again," Mr Hutton said.

Please find attached a map of EPP641 from the DEEDI web site.

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For discussion of how you can influence politicians on this one, please see here:

Election day tomorrow and we've not heard hardly a thing on this...

Thanks for posting Scarlett!

Comments i've heard on this issue from another forum:

The Brisbane exploration licences were issued in 1998 so the 2011 amendments by Hinchliffe are irrelevant. I did hear that he has now revoked the licence though - does anyone have proof of that or is it just a convenient ALP rumour?

my understanding is that the the legislation trumps the original licence. The current legislation outlaws mining in those areas, that are within the city limits + 2km. The reason why they are not revoked is because they are property rights so the govt negotiates with the companies over compensation. They're not "revoked" but surrendered to the minister in return for compensation.


So maybe this western Brisbane CSG licence isn't going to materialise. Which would be good. 

Still - gets you thinking, doesn't it?

I googled it last night Scarlett and noticed the point being made about licenses going back over ten years.. not being relevant now!

Because it was impossible for me to know what was fact or fiction at the time I made mention of this question mark when posting the story on my own blog.

However I do feel its an extremely timely and relevant story ... raising the issue forces us to consider that it could happen right near us. 

The thing that worried me from stories heard at the recent Farmers forum is that many seem to be reporting how little warning they had, the theme of absence of community consultation...and in some cases only knowing from trucks turning up to set up operations on their land!

Reports leave me in no doubt that what we are told and what happens does differ. That strikes me as the dominant feature of this Mining expansion in SEQ ... with such a considerable amount of undisclosed activity by Govt and Mining Companies its leading to the absolute necessity of local people dedicating their own time, up to 60 hrs a week working overtime on fact finding missions and then advocating for their communities. 

Without these people's ongoing diligence and perseverance to gain and disperse accurate information it sounds like much would remain quite mysterious and unknown.

Arrow Energy have the csg tenaments for the western suburbs of Brisbane.  2 csg drill rigs were sighted at Mt Crosby last year but the witnesses didn't mention it to anyone until they had left the scene.  The witnesses will be contacting Lock The Gate Alliance if any other sightings are made.

CSG threatens our water supply due to the produce water being full of salts and toxins that are present in the coal seams as well as the chemicals that are used in the drilling process and some csg wells undergo hydraulic fracturing (fracking) where water, sand and chemicals are rammed into the earth to "open up" the coal seams to release more gas.

Last month it was discovered that fracking had occurred 100m from the Logan River which is one source of our water supply.  Mt Crosby has a water treatment has to wonder if fracking occurred there also....need to wait another 5 years for this data to become publically available.


thank you!

You've confirmed what is my understanding of this serious matter... no warnings, no community consultations, no transparency. And the fact it is down to citizens to start watching and investigating what should without doubt be an openly revealed matter.

Now that the LNP has won, we will need to be vigilant.

According to the LNP candidate that I talked to there is descending opinions in the LNP party with many not liking CSG but the top does. If we kick up enough noise, we may sway some.

The sooner the better under these new circumstances!

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