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I'd like to try these. Does anyone know where I can get some?

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Not sure if they produce edible tubers. Jerry Coleby-Williams has them growing on his verge at Wynnum. If you live close you should be able to take a few cuttings.

Is that the decorative SP?

Hi Chris, this looks like one that I have at home. Original cuttings from Jerry CW via Epicurious at South bank. Yes, edible - though whether it's the tastiest, will have to see. I can bring some cuttings to next Garden visit if you like - white/beige inside, purply pink outside?

Yes, that would be them. Jerry apparently isn't growing them now since he didn't mention it recently when I asked him.

Sorry to clarify- I'm basing this on a google search. I have the light lime green heart shaped, not the lime green 3 pointer



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