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We have established a community farm at Mango Hill. We are on 32 acres, and have made about 8 acres available at the moment. While only about a month old, and still very much in the startup phase of it's existence, the farm has a loyal team, an elected committee, and will be sending in our paper work for Fair Trading to list us as a not for profit organisation.

We welcome any, and all persons who wish to come and contribute. Whether a novice, or an expert, we want you. The farm is set up, and intends to run as a community project, along loose permaculture principles. Organic, sustainable, and educational.

We are on facebook, Mango Hill Community Farm. We will be setting up a website soon. To contact us, please us fb, or

Jody Wall

Farm Manager

J.C. Farms.

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Jody what is your Twitter name? So far I haven't found it.

are you sure she's on twitter? I can't see a mention of it

I am on Twitter, however not as the farm, just personal.

What is your Twitter username, Jody? Searching for members on Twitter rarely yields results. Can you PM to me if you don't want to make the name public?

Thanks for the update Jody. Look forward to watching the progress.

I forgot something had been posted before. Sometimes I wonder how I remember to eat.

Jody, there are several dozen Jody Walls on Twitter which one are you?

Um, well. . . . I have a lot of permaculture links. I will figure out how to be more specific.

Why don't you start a group on this site (looks like it's going to continue so not much of a gamble) Jody? That way you can have all your discussions and information re the community garden right there in one place.

I think that might be a good idea. Ollie is the only member on here, but it will probably be easier to convince some of the others to join this site, rather than Facebook. It's a job for the future.

But if you start a group you'll make more of the exisiting BLF members aware and give them the opportunity to join. If I remember rightly Ollie didn't find out about the project until he joined BLF and saw the original posting. Plus it keeps your info in one place. It's easy done - just ask if you'd like a little assist.


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