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(Sorry about the quality of the photo - it's a quick snap from my mobile - but I was just so proud I wanted to post it.)

This is, from the bottom: 

Home made parmasan and garlic cracker

Home grown and made pesto

Home made purple onion fetta with 

Home made chilli jam.

I did it!!!!!!!

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Expect a taste next GV Andrew ;-) And you ate it, too I hope!

My god - it was good.  Now I also had to test the various combinations of elements (um.. just to pick what would be best for my Rozie, of course) and I discovered I am a simple lad (in oh so many ways).  I prefer the cracker with each element alone.  It's a more "pure and fresh" flavour - a lot more like I loved in Italy. 

Yum! I need to learn how to make cheese!

It's surprisingly easy Liz.

good work nuthin like 100% homemade beats eating out any day 

Next time, I'll over-cook the crackers a smidge to make sure they are REALLY crunchy.  The fetta and chilli jam are standards for me - I'm lucky enough to have worked those two out pretty well.  Last time I made the  pesto, I wasn't very impressed.  This time, I swapped the pine nuts for seeds (pumpkin and linseed), added climbing spinach and some smaller sweet potato leaves to the basil.  I also added fresh chives, shallots, garam masala and sweet chilli jam to the mix.  My goodness it came up well.  

Truly impressive. It's a great to eat your own home grown/made food.

Would like your recipe for the pesto Andy. I have never made it yet.

No worries. I'll put it up some time soon.  You'll be pleased to know, it has sweet potato leaves in it!  The first time I made it, I was disappointed. I have now made a bunch of Andy changes and they really work well.  My 80 year old parents were scoffing it down today on crackers, 17 year old Matt loved it too, and the bottle is nearly empty now.  That's gotta say something. 

Very pleased to know :) Another use for these prolific healthful leaves.

Looks good enough to eat - love the colours

LOL. Thanks Jane - me too (especially when the photo is so crap that the only thing you can make out is the colours).

Maybe that's the genius of the photo Andrew... Your so good at taking photos that you were able to manipulate the quality so no one could decipher the recipe!


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