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Hi everyone,

I've been going to this Longan farm to pick Longans and mangoes at Narrangba in the past few years. (missed out last year because we were busy on the few weekends it was open for picking :( )

They will open from this Sunday 1 March (9.00am – 3.00pm), and are expecting to be open most weekends until early April (depending on the weather and fruit availability). Would anyone be interested?

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Hi Florence, I am a bit slow today...

Are they looking for fruit pickers, or is it a 'pick and pay' situation where you can pick your own fruit to take home?
Sorry I wasn't clear, it's pick your own and pay to take home ~
I would be intrested love lychee,s ,Rambutan,s & Longon ,is it good & cheap?
Cheap, I don't really think so.. they charged $9 a kilo the year before, which is similar to what they are retailed for. But they were certainly good, plump and juicy!! Unlike the ones you often find in shops where the skin were soggy or dried, and the flesh have shrinked a bit and less juicy ~ I always try one before I pick from any particular trees there to make sure they were sweet & juicy, and I always got carried away and ended up picking heps.. I picked 11 kg the first time I was there ^^" That's a lot of Longans ^^

Mind you, there were people there 'try' more then 'pick & pay', they take the whole family, ate a lot on the spot and then buy a kilo or two... fortunately, it wasn't the majority. Or I am sure the farm will either have to not allow public access or start charging entrance fee..
At one time i was going to put a longan in as they make a better back yard tree than Lychee,s , which are my favourite , but the trees can get realy big . As im not sure when we could go , could you send us a contact/ adress for them ?.
The email address of the Longan farm is thelonganfarm(at), (pls replace the at in bracket with the @)

Their mobile number is 0448 612 507

I am planning to go this Weekend :)



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