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please help. There are some points in this proposal that needs lots of sensible people responding:

Feedback is basically directed if you use survey or form but the main questions are:

1.     Do you support the policy objective?

2.     Do you understand the benefits and steps involved in having a Community Gardens Policy?

3.     Are there any gaps in the policy? For example management or operational issues?
Has Council left anything out in the steps to set up a community garden?

4.     Do you understand and agree with the process that Counci lhas drafted to assess applications for Community Gardens?

5.     Would you like to provide additional feedback on the draft Community Gardens Policy?

Come on guys, please do it! And spread it through your netowrks, we only have a few weeks.

Thanks in advance

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I have just completed the survey. They are seriously proposing that all activity needs to fall into the garden management rules of council. These rules are very outdated and not useful.

They have no idea on how much local food is going to be needed.

Pls take a moment to enlighten this council. They need it!

Draft Community Gardens Policy

Logan City Council is currently developing a Community Gardens Policy and would appreciate your feedback by Friday 9 September.


Provide feedback/ input here

Hope you told them that!!! I feel exactly the same.
I have just completed the survey but labeled it  "a beginning only".  That this should be viewed as a first step and that a much larger scale is required with promotion for the very obvious future needs.  Hope all of you out there in Local Food land can also have your say!  It only took 5mins.

If someone told me what these questions are aiming at, I could answer them.

What policy? What benefits? What process?

Sorry to be uninformed...

I think that the Community Gardens Policy is an excellent idea.

If it doesn't come under the rules of the council, who else would take on the responsibility of a "COMMUNITY " garden?

Also it doesn't mean that because the idea, is an old idea, that it is outdated.Many old ideas could do with being resurrected.

There are many people in the community, who do not have gardens, or the know how, to keep their own gardens, but would welcome the chance to join such a group.  OR have I missunderstood what this is all about?

yes, completely. I am with you and arguing that it is a good idea. The council is trying to rule the roost, keep control and in general get as little community garden as possible, We are trying to convince council to think broader about local food and leave room for perma culture

That is not how I understood their policy and proposals, but I thought that the idea of the survey was to find out the feelings of the majority of Logan residents and their suggestions, so that they could be acted on.


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