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Hi everyone

I have clients who live at Brighton on a suburban block, who are doing it tough. The wife has cancer and they home school 3 children with an autism-related health issue. I am helping them create a healing, low maintenance edible garden and redesign their space to meet their needs. I also want to include a small garden sanctuary - a place where she can retreat to for time out with a bench seat and some fragrant edible beauty under a big tree. They need bulk organic matter. Manure, compost (if available), mulch, etc. Can anyone suggest where would be closest for them to source this? I live on the Sunshine Coast so not familiar with suppliers in this location. I'd be grateful for any help or suggestions. Thanks in advance.

Cheers Anne

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Probably their best bet is Tim Oliver for composted Horse Manure and Worm Castings. He lives up past Ipswich but comes over Brighton way on a regular basis. Email: or 0406 306 003.

For mulch it's hard to go past the jumbo plastic-wrapped bales of sugar cane mulch from the Gold Coast. Any produce or hardware stocks them. It is possible to get uncompressed bales of sugar cane but it is messy and difficult to store unless under cover, that's why personally I use the wrapped bales. Mowing contractors usually have plenty of grass to off-load it's more a matter of contacting someone locally to them.

Thanks so much for those suppliers Elaine. Really helpful. I'll pass them on. Do you happen to know of any native forest mulch suppliers? i.e. arborists who chop down natives (usually for council) and mulch it. No chemicals and really great for edible gardens.

Good Anne, happy to help. And good to hear from you! :-) No I don't know any arborists.

Thanks Elaine. Hope you're keeping well. Spring has sprung here! Shortest winter ever.

Cool, Anne - not too bad for an old boiler ;-) Shortest winter = no global warming. I wonder how the deniers justify that phrase now. They are not gardeners!

I no longer live in the area Anne but Reno Nation Hardware 326 S Pine Rd, Brendale 3881 1530 stock wrapped sugar can mulch 5@$50 last time I looked.

Tim Oliver was my supplier by the truck load of beautiful composted horse poo. Second him.

Green P Farm run by Mike Crook, Racecourse Rd Sandgate are pretty local to your Brighton people and have access to a large quantity of poo and knowledge about gardening. 

Thanks Lissa for coming to the rescue! Hope you are well. Really appreciate the tips. 

Plenty of free forest mulch and free horse poo available in the Deagon Bracken Ridge area.

Contact me for more details if interested. 

Thanks so much George - I'll message you for more details so I can pass them on. That would be perfect for my client's food forest. Appreciate your help.

Thanks George, not sure if you got my message but would love the details of the free forest mulch and horse poo in the Deagon Bracken Ridge area if you could share them with me. My client really needs bulk OM and this is perfect timing as he's building his beds.

Thanks in advance. Cheers Anne


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