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for those who are environmentally conscious you may like to read this

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Oh blimey - when governments make something compulsory, those who do not want to comply - or cannot - find a way around it.

It seems like a poorly conceived scheme but looking at the date - 2011 - seems to be some years out of date and presumably the scheme never got underway.

Surely finding some way of rewarding those who volunteer to save their scraps rather than punishing those who don't or cannot comply might bring some results.

Probably saw what French farmers could do with a manure spreader and got cold feet.

Woo hoo - do tell!

Dave, You are so right about the wheelie bins, we put out our recycle bin full and our garbage bin almost empty.   We had a program going on here locally, where you could apply for a collection bin (a large bucket) and keep your scraps in it, and later take it to a centre to be used for compost etc. Our closest centre is the recycling place called Kingfisher, at the Aspley Special School. 

I feel that we are being more responsible for our own garbage, than we were 10 years ago.  The only thing that really urks me is the amount of dirty nappies going to the dump.  I just don't know how that can change.   We used cloth nappies for our children, but it appears to be a normal thing to use disposable nappies now. Some things won't change.  

Do your best with what you have got. 

Keen gardener with some small grandchildren: use the disposable nappies and recover the contents. Then the nappies are composted. 

I  think the government should look at these disposable nappies as a resource  and when crimes are committed and people are sentenced  part  of there punishment could be processing these soiled  nappies community service  this may act as a deterrent.



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