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This photo was taken last year... it has more than doubled in size this year, and there's a lot of fruits on it at the moment and will probably ripe in a week or two...

My question is, are all lillipillies edible?  If not, is this one edible?

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yes, edible :)
I think pretty much all of them are - they just have varying levels of tannins which taste nasty, so the sweeter it is the easier it is on your digestive system
possibly the weeping lillypilly, S. luehmannii. is the new growth a prolific light pink?
Thanks Scarlett, I think it does have pink new growth ~
ah most of them do. S. luehmannii has heaps of it at once and it's a pretty uniform light pink colour. this does look like it to me, but am a bit rusty on my lillypillies these days (there's HEAPS of them)
Just to make traps for young players, a lot of Australian native plants have pink or bronze new foliage!
apparently they make good jams and jellies, but I've never done it
Yes, I've read about people making jams and jellies.. I am thinking about taste testing one or two fruits, and make some jam...

Anyone have tried it and have recipes to recommend please?
They make super jellies. Just put the fruit in whole in some water, cook until the fruit is soft. Then you strain the fruit from the juice using cheesecloth or similar, just let it drain by gravity in the 'fridge overnight, don't press or you'll get cloudy jelly. Then return the liquid to a large saucepan, add 1 cup of sugar per cup of juice (it is rather tart!), cook as for jam and watch for jelling as per normal jam-making. Bottle into sterilised bottles when still warm, seal when cold and label. Wipe up spills with cold water on a cloth. The flavour is amazing - aromatic sweet/tart mmmmmm!

All LilliPillies make jelly (or jam), the flavour varies on variety, there are other ways to use the fruit eg tarts but I've never made those and only know for sure about the jelly. If you've ever had Scottish Rowan jelly you will know the flavour - Rowans are closely related to our LilliPillies. Just think heaven on toast ;-)
I found a lillipilly jelly recipe online, it seems like it only need sugar and lemon juice? I checked the fruits yesterday, some have already fallen on the ground, so I assume they're ready, so I will pick some on the weekend and it it a try. I am guessing jelly here means jam?
Will try to remember to take some photos :)
Good luck, pretty sure that jelly does equal jam :)
From the point of view of making it, yes it does, there's an extra step with jelly though. The Americans call 'jelly' what we call 'jam' yet they are two different but related results from boiling fruit and water.
yes you strain jelly don't you? unless you're north american, in which case you just make jam


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