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My lifetstyle has improved greatly since I decided to grate more. My fav everyday tool. Thrown out are those cumbersome box graters and I've gone micro-plane.

The tool above is my fav for grating tomatoes -- just add salt and pepper, olive oil and then...

grate on some garlic with a different grater before mixing with a spoon..

On toasted bread: heavenly.

Hello breakfast!

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Grated Tomatoes - who'da thunk? ;-) What is the point though with the Tomatoes?

Suck it and see...

No skin. No steaming. Just fresh raw juice.

Flavor of its own.

The tom juice soaks into the it fuses with the olive oil and garlic. Top with a herb if you prefer. There is a whole culture about this mix around the Mediterranean.

Sounds amazing. Tad tricky with the Tommy Toes I grow though :-(

I've used frozen TTs sometimes but prefer fresh Romas. TTs may require a smaller blade hole. Use any grater to find out what works but the flat microplanes are the most useful.

A new world of taste options they are.

Between you and a flesh wound is the often tough tomato skin.

We are so often caught up in Italian tomato-ing with its dense taste. Grated and raw is another experience altogether.

In Catalonia the national dish is Pan Con Tomate -- where the rough surface of toasted bread is used as a grater. (LINK)


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