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I received this message on the BLF facebook page from Margot: 

I am a student from Northwestern University in Illinois, USA. This summer, I'm conducting a 6-country research project on local food systems and food security. I'll be visiting Brisbane from August 1st to 12th, where I hope to interview organizers of various forms of local food systems. Is there somebody at Brisbane Local Food who would be willing to assist with my research, either by email or phone prior to my visit, or when I am in Brisbane?

I told Margot that I would be happy to help her.  I suggested that I talk to you wonderful folks and try to arrange some quiet garden visits for her so she can see the range of different approaches we all take (I reckon that is one of our strong points, as a group).  She has now joined us here on here on the ning site.  If you are interested within the 1 - 12 August timeframe, please reply in this post.  I will try to arrange some kind of schedule, should we get sufficient interest. 

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I heard about pretty produce just the other day.  Thanks Ruth. 

It looks like the food streets in Burderim would be a good place to go too. If I am still around, I am happy to open my garden and also head over to Yoorala street community garden. Best day for them in Sunday morning. 

Locally try the Green P Farm too:

which is much more in your POV.

Also you can't get far in Australia without tackling the Permacularlists and their advocacy and success. I suggest Robyn Francis:

Lives in Nimbin across the border.

But here you cannot deal with local food systems without recognizing the role of the supermarket duopoly: Coles and Woolworths...and the tyranny of distance...engineered with contract supply. Most sharply played out in regard to milk at the present time.

Allied to the question of 'food security' is the urban sprawl in many cases over some of the best farmland-- esp here in South East Qld -- esp with Redlands area. Melbourne has done better than other cities in securing its feed bowl.

Another local worth chatting to is Jerry Coleby-Williams

and seed suppliers like Green Harvest and Eden Seeds.

Not if this was mentioned yet but Crystal waters sounds quite interesting too.

Hi, I just wanted to thank you all for your continued help!

I am currently in Milan, Italy, as the second stop on my research trip, and it has been so wonderful to talk to people who are passionate about the same things I am (yet live around the world) on my trip so far. I look forward to getting to do so in Brisbane, soon, and I hope to work on scheduling more specific meetings in the upcoming weeks.




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