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Hi Guys,

I am hoping someone can help me.. my lemon grass has been a pride an joy in my back yard.. it seems to be the only think that thrive and multiply..

But recently I have notice the leaves is turning yellow and brown.. is there something I can do to help it green up again?

I have add a photo in 'My Photo'. This is my first post, don't really know how to do it right.. 

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Hi Joanne,
Your lemongrass browned up very evenly ^^... this hasn't been a good lemon grass year for me ... but in previous years, they start to die back around now as the temperature gets cooler.... not sure if that's what's happening with yours.... maybe someone can confirm or dis-confirm (if there's such word ^^) for you..
Looks quite similar to mine ... it happens every year and I believe a lot of the brown is a rust fungus which gets them when the weather turns a bit cold and the plants are growing less well. Look under the leaves and see if there is any golden-brown spots, just for interest since I doubt there's any useful treatment. All I do is chop the leaves off leaving the thicker part (where the growing point is) to re-sprout when it's ready. You can compost the leaves or strew them on top of existing mulch.
Thanks for the replies...

Hubby want to trim the grass but I wouldn't let him as one of my chook use the 'underside' to lay her eggs.. she been laying there for 2 weeks now.

I think I will take all your advise (incluse Scarlette advise in the photo) and let hubby trim it down.. The chook will just have to learn to lay in the box provided.

Thanks again,
Sounds like a good excuse to train the chook in the way she should go - eggs go in nesting boxes not under bushes ;-).
I sort of indulge the girl (Cookie) a bit as she is my first layer just starting to lay.. I don't want to stress her out by 'exposing' her favorite laying spot :-)

but now I have a couple of girls just come into lay as well and they all lay in the box, so Cookie can learn from them..

Time to trim the bush..
Hi Joanne, which other ones of yours are laying? I have been too busy for BYP lateley - is it your sussex and can you post a photo of her if so... still waiting, rather impatiently I might add! My girls have decided the nest box is for sleeping in grrr. :)
Hi Donna, I am not sure whether it was the Sussex that lay the egg, I put the photo of the egg out at BYP last week and they think it is the Sussex due to the color and the small size, only 39g, same size as my Bantam's egg..

I haven't have that type of egg since last week... but I did have 3 larger eggs since than all weight in 49g, and I actually found the egg this morning after my 'Bond Black' went in the nesting box so I will say those 49g eggs belong to the black..

My beautiful Black...

Cookie the suspected laying Sussex

This photo was taken 4 weeks ago.. so her wattle and comb are even bigger than the photo.. I will try to get a more recent photo for you in a couple of days..
By the way.. the lemon grass have a 'hair cut' today.. The bush was so thick.. so even though we have a bit of rain recently, I don't think it is penetrating the root system to give it a good drink.. so after the trim, they get a good drink as well.. hope it will recover soon..


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