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Lauki=Bottle Gourd -- as in Lauki Gosht (Loki Gosht or Bottle gourd with meat)

I'm a great fan of Bottle Gourd  (Lagenaria siceraria) -- aka Lauki or 'New Guinea Bean' or  one of these many other names: (LINK).

But trust me: 'Bottle Gourd' is you best nomenclature in everyday usage.

It really is a queen among gourds. Also called 'Calabash' of course. Incorrectly I think.

Unfortunately folk want to treat it like zucchini when its attributes are different. It is a great stewing squash, as this recipe shows.

How  you cook it is really well explored in this short video presentation. The way recipes should be video-ed.


Tonight's dinner.

There's a version with bigger titles here: LINK.

Note the astute use of the pressure cooker -- sort of my way of using the pot. Improvising for the soul of the food  being prepared.

Lauki Gosht (Loki Gosht or Bottle gourd with meat) is a mouth watering and comforting dish which can be made with either mutton or beef. With lots of gravy, this can be enjoyed with plain rice or roti. Enjoy our Desty Dish!

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Looks delicious. Wonder if an older trombonccino would do good as a guord substitute?

Maybe not quite the same taste/texture, but worth a try.Bottle gourds have a fresh taste and succulence  when the Troms may be a bit soft  and squishy --so don't over-cook the slices.



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