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i am rearranging a bed and removing a large clump of turmeric , probably 2 wheelbarrows full if not more. i will start digging on the weekend and will post a photto then .

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Christopher if you don't get any takers, I'll take a big bag off you - my supervisor loves it :)  I'll have to try and figure out how to get it though...

Can I have some, Chris, please? I managed to get 1 plant to grow at the front of the house, and want to keep that in the ground, and would like to get another clump going in the backyard. Thanks!


Hi Chris

Would you like me to send this out to all members?

cheers SJP

I would like some also please Christopher - you are close by at Brighton and I can arrange pick up at a time that suits you. Alternatively, if you are coming to Strathpine (remember where I live?) you could drop off on table on my front porch.

Donna, perhaps someone coming from the Northside to the next SS can bring the excess to distribute on the 24th? Unfortunately I am not able to attend but I could drop it off to someones house.

Hi everyone sorry i have not replyed our computer is dying so anyone intrested just ring 32691720 after 3pm i have already got a wheelbarrow full with only 1/3 dug so please come and get it .





ps i also have some daylilly plants and ornamental ginger tubers to be removed .

Sorry to hear about your computer Chris. Hopefully you get this message - I am hoping I have this Saturday off - if I do I will ring and organise to pick up some of the Turmeric.

I will give the ornamentals a miss myself thank you. If anyone wants me to bring some along on the 17th though just let me know.

Lissa, can you please bring some for me.  Thanks Christopher and thanks Lissa! :)

You want the ornamentals Donna? Both daylilies and ornamental ginger?

I will bring as much of the Turmeric as I can to share around.

Sorry for the confusion, just the tumeric.  I already have some of the ginger from a previous Garden Visit and no room for for daylillies.


Daylillies are quite edible! The flowers are delicious and the tubers are edible too - although it's all or nothing with the flowers like the flowers on the Winged Bean. Eat the flowers and that's it :-( Still they are a crop just like the flowers to look at or beans to cook.
Good lord. Never heard that before. Bit expensive to eat the fancy ones though.


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