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Anyone grown a kiwifruit or kiwiberry? Daley's tell me their sweetie kiwifruit would be perfect for our climate here in Brisbane which is great,  and my family love kiwifruit. But the fencing i have for it is about 2.5m wide and 1.3m high.  I am told kiwifruit can get very big.  I wonder if kiwiberry would be more manageable for me though Daley's said they are more of a novelty and marginal in our climate. Anyone had one that gave some decent fruit?   I know I need a pollinator (grow in a pot???).  The last thing I want is anything prone to diseases and pests. And I  don't want to wait a decade for fruit.  Daley's have grafted ones so I hope that won't be an issue. 

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we have a male and female kiwifruit only two years old so no fruit yet but very vigorous growth - its on the cow addock fence  so plenty of room 

- have been searching for a kiwiberry for ages - Narangba nursery sold out very fast - they say we should get some fruit from it - frends growit very well near Gatton but they get a lot colder than we do here. 

The trellis available sounds a little small from what I read about Kiwi Fruit. They are robust enthusiastic plants. Kiwiberry I was able to try at Woolies - they had stacks to sell and they were not selling well so they gave tastings - and they're OK but were I considering growing them, I'd go for the well-performed Kiwi Fruit if I had the trellis space. You'd need a big pot for the male plant, he's as enthusiastic as the female plants. But why they are not double-grafted is anyone's guess.



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