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I've been given Kefir grains and they are multiplying in my milk. 
Pretty soon I'm going to have too many, If anyone is looking to start their own Kefir process, I'd be happy to give them some! 

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Now that's one damn fine first post.  Nice one. 

Cool Siena - great stuff Kefir! Put some grains and some fresh milk into a ziploc bag and freeze it. That's your backup/s and you can freeze any excess until you find new homes for them. When you thaw, do so in the 'fridge in some fresh milk and let them recover gradually. The thawed grains will work just fine with some tlc, as if they had never been frozen.

Ah great! That's brilliant (:

Thank you so much! I'll definitely do that and pass that message along to other people I know doing the same thing! 

Thanks Elaine! 

Hi Sienna,

If you still have extra grains I would be very very grateful to have some! People have been raving about kefir at work for weeks and I think it's time I give it a go. :)

Hi Catherine, 

Yea I have heaps! haha definitely get on board, it's wonderful stuff! 
Is there a way to personal message on this website? 

You should be able to see "Reply" and "Message" below Chatherine's post.  You might need to "friend" her to send a message but it will tell you, if you do. 

Hi Sienna, do you still have some Kefir to give away, I would like to give it a go


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