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Hi everyone, I have something i would like to share with the group. Would there be enough people interest in starting up another group on the site with a bit of a difference? this one is based on support and information regarding the activity of juice and juicing for Health.

I need to make addittional changes this year to my  life and are reintroducing more real vegetable and fruit juices to my diet. I need to loose that Christmas festive Spirit and make up for last years poor health. I am one of many people who must work hard on remaining healthy and happy. I am determined to refine my diet further and to encorporate some changes to my food production and consumption at home to accommodate more Juice and Juicing.

If enough people are interested can I propose that another group be added to the site. Maybe someone can come up with a catchy name?

Discussions could be about recipies ,fruit,vegetables,  food growing for juice. Your experiances with juice as part of or as a cleansing diet ? herb and medicinal juice .  Books media, links, and the like. What juicer you use. Do you prefer vege or fruit juice..  do you grow your juice plants  how do you grow and harvest these plants? Where do your buy your fruit and vege locally to make Juice cheap. Is anyone growing  Kale locally?  weeds  berrieis and bushtucker in juice?

I am nearly 100 KGs at the moment and i need to loose 15 to 20 Kg and have started to incorporate juice into breakfast and lunch. I make and consume  750 ml of real fruit juice for breakfast and then have my 750 ml of real vege juice at lunch. I then  have a normal meal at night .. So we can discuss our ambitions methods and progress hereas well . I know that I am going to need as much help as I can get in the world of juice.

regards Mark Thomson

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The local Library system has this title as a book, not a DVD ... more info probably in a book. There's 3 copies all are on order and I'm 4/4 in the queue so it won't be turning up anytime soon. However, there's buckets of that info on YouTube even though it's a tad difficult to follow as a film. Meantime we can get onto watching some and get a feel for what is involved.

The Avancer slow juicer arrived last week.

Cleaning it is a little more annoying than the Juice doesn't want to come apart quite so easily. Fruit and veg must be cut smaller for this machine also which is a little more time consuming - but the end product juice is definately better with more fibre in it.

On work mornings I don't have the time to experiment so today will try some new things in the machine. Greens etc. I have half a leftover Jackfruit too which can go through it. I put raspberries through it the other day right at the end which turned out to be a bit of a waste as a lot of it just went round and round the cylinder. Will do these first in future so the pulp gets pushed through.

If you leave a Carrot or Celery to go through last you get a bit more juice, as you've found with the soft stuff, it just doesn't push through unless something hard is behind it. Bread can work but not having tried it, don't know how useful it is.


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