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Hi everyone, I have something i would like to share with the group. Would there be enough people interest in starting up another group on the site with a bit of a difference? this one is based on support and information regarding the activity of juice and juicing for Health.

I need to make addittional changes this year to my  life and are reintroducing more real vegetable and fruit juices to my diet. I need to loose that Christmas festive Spirit and make up for last years poor health. I am one of many people who must work hard on remaining healthy and happy. I am determined to refine my diet further and to encorporate some changes to my food production and consumption at home to accommodate more Juice and Juicing.

If enough people are interested can I propose that another group be added to the site. Maybe someone can come up with a catchy name?

Discussions could be about recipies ,fruit,vegetables,  food growing for juice. Your experiances with juice as part of or as a cleansing diet ? herb and medicinal juice .  Books media, links, and the like. What juicer you use. Do you prefer vege or fruit juice..  do you grow your juice plants  how do you grow and harvest these plants? Where do your buy your fruit and vege locally to make Juice cheap. Is anyone growing  Kale locally?  weeds  berrieis and bushtucker in juice?

I am nearly 100 KGs at the moment and i need to loose 15 to 20 Kg and have started to incorporate juice into breakfast and lunch. I make and consume  750 ml of real fruit juice for breakfast and then have my 750 ml of real vege juice at lunch. I then  have a normal meal at night .. So we can discuss our ambitions methods and progress hereas well . I know that I am going to need as much help as I can get in the world of juice.

regards Mark Thomson

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I'm pretty relieved that you like it as you've done so much research on these in the past.

I just couldn't get past the price! so I've bought one. Comes with a 3yr warranty so I should get my moneys worth. It's contributing to my good health after all and I should be able to put all sorts of things through this for juicing that the Juice Fountain wouldn't handle.

Hi everyone the update is that i joined the Burnie Brae gym wich is so good ,, this is my 5 gym visit ..and I am doing cardio and strengthening work under supervision ..Graet staff great gym ... The juice continues for breacky and some lunches. feeling really good about loosing some weight i think 3 kg  thats about 1 kg a week since i started ..feeling clearer and more focased mentally ..

I 've sown cellery, parsley  and silverbeet in abundance , as well as getting Kale seed ready to go in next ...

another couple of juice beds will come on line this month with the autumn sowings getting organised ..

My next  job is to grow my juiceplants  and save that money ..

Ps harvested our own pineapples this week and yes they were juiced as well so i am now extending the pineapple beds as well ..

I will put a juice plant list up of what i have in the garden and what i need to get so i can continue with my breakfast juice .....

cool :) gym totally rocks. 

wow, it's hard enough growing enough fruit to eat - enough fruit to juice would be heroic i reckon - especially since you can't really juice bananas and pawpaws!

enough fruit is near impossible to  grow yoursel.f  but to supply more  greens are feasable i think. ..we have the capabilities of using the orchard at the community garden and also knowing the trees around the neighbourhood. even so thats a frugal supply  .today i will harvest another  pinepple that has taken 2 years to grow ,, that is so  slow ...

I think  fruit is the biggest chalenge Scarlet,  so i need to get that Kale and other leaf crops in .

i bought  Kale at five dollars a bunch  that only does  a few juices.

I saw a segment on gardening australia where a lady grows everthing micro including many weeds in her back yard she   harvests these  leaf crops and either  juices them or eats them whole .. i want to see if i can find that segment maybe 2 to 3 years ago and have another look at that ..

Can you tell me about the Burnie Brae gym Mark? Is it attached to the day respite, who can use it and $? I'm working at Chermside now (wonderful! not driving all over SE Qld!) and this would be local for me.

Hi Lisa  is really good and thereis only small groups of 10  with 2 floor trainers qualified on hand to supervise ,, same price as normal gyms.  i am on an introductory offer of 10 sessions and assessments before i can move or graduate to the normal gym activities. everyone over 50 is welcome and you have to be 50 to join Burnie brae as a member or like me get in as part of your cardio rehabilitation process, eg stents pacemaker for me .... ..there is strict attendenance sessions and you book the gym. I believe a saturday group will start as well..  here is website for it explains it all

Thanks for that Mark.

Had a look at the link and it's a good promotional offer for sure.

I'll see if I can pop down there and have a look/chat. I can't see any mention of opening times but you did mention strict attendance sessions - can you advise if there is a better time to call in as I can't see these session times mentioned on the site either?

My work hours are currently all over the place and the new job hours are yet to be discussed, so a lot depends on their session times being compatible.

there is a lady that looks after the reception bookings and visiters  in the actual gym.

I am there ast 9 am and she is always there when i am . Give her a ring and arrange a visit for a look and they will give you all deatails then ..

I am interested if a Juicing Group is started:)

Food Connect does juicing fruit - you need to be subscribed to a box to get it though. If even one person was you could probably put a whole bunch of extras on their subscription and then divvy it up between you if it wasn't a huge quantity

Maybe get a rotating 'buy cartons of fruit at the market' thing happening, and divvy it up amongst the group - cheaper, and you only have to do the market run when it's your turn?

Just remember with Food Connect you must pick up your box at someone's house at a time to suit them. Some of the fruit is OK, some is truly awful.

this is the documentary that got me started .. a informative interesting DVDthat my wife made me watch ..

we have a digital copy at home but i know that your local library can get it ,,

also apparently men do not drop a lot of weight but drop waist sizes in their trousers .

I need to wear a belt now   :)  next i will be able to see my toes


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