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Hi everyone, I have something i would like to share with the group. Would there be enough people interest in starting up another group on the site with a bit of a difference? this one is based on support and information regarding the activity of juice and juicing for Health.

I need to make addittional changes this year to my  life and are reintroducing more real vegetable and fruit juices to my diet. I need to loose that Christmas festive Spirit and make up for last years poor health. I am one of many people who must work hard on remaining healthy and happy. I am determined to refine my diet further and to encorporate some changes to my food production and consumption at home to accommodate more Juice and Juicing.

If enough people are interested can I propose that another group be added to the site. Maybe someone can come up with a catchy name?

Discussions could be about recipies ,fruit,vegetables,  food growing for juice. Your experiances with juice as part of or as a cleansing diet ? herb and medicinal juice .  Books media, links, and the like. What juicer you use. Do you prefer vege or fruit juice..  do you grow your juice plants  how do you grow and harvest these plants? Where do your buy your fruit and vege locally to make Juice cheap. Is anyone growing  Kale locally?  weeds  berrieis and bushtucker in juice?

I am nearly 100 KGs at the moment and i need to loose 15 to 20 Kg and have started to incorporate juice into breakfast and lunch. I make and consume  750 ml of real fruit juice for breakfast and then have my 750 ml of real vege juice at lunch. I then  have a normal meal at night .. So we can discuss our ambitions methods and progress hereas well . I know that I am going to need as much help as I can get in the world of juice.

regards Mark Thomson

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Sounds interesting, Mark - do you get hungry with only juice to work on?

Hi Elaine so far so good, I actually had a bad habit of just coffee for breakfast and then nothing much else till sandwiches for lunch. With the juice I am full after breakfast and I am now just thinking of lunch again at 12 30.. I never ate much breakfast before  so i am holding up if not improving on what i use to do. Juice at 750 mls fruit base is easy for breaky  . its the lunch one that hard  to stomach as its straight 750 mls of vege.. green and mean.. this keeps me going till 3 for a snack of  dip and crackers  and then  6 ish for a proper dinner ...

so far so good , day 2 only Elaine I started this only  yesterday.. not easy  because i love my scones and rosella jam too ... I am heading out soon to buy a scale ,, so i want to weigh myself and see how this goes .... its not so much a weight thing but this is important as i have been told to loose some , its the nutrient loading to maybe make me feel healthier ....and maybe more active....  I am so flat at the moment i am willing to try this for 10 days or more . 

Hi Jethro, and Elaine,  I am day 3 wednesday and  starting to get into the routine of things again ,, I weighed in at 100KG  and was a bit upset with that .. I have stuck to 750 mls breakky juice and 750  mls vege juice and are holding up well till dinner at 6 pm .. We mostly portion controll all meat and dairy  and i am of all my treats .. incusive biscuites scones  alchol and coffee for 10 days ..

I need help with the vege lunch juice recipe  ,, the silverbeet leaf and  spinach is just  scary ,,,

I will get some more variety in the next shop and i am looking hard at whats in the garden to improve the lunch juice as well .

I never eat white bread as mainstay but will have it as treat only ..

My wife is on the breakfst juice menue with me and we both agree we feel better ..

My inspiration to juice again was from a documentary called fat sick and nearly dead ..

I seriousley juiced when i was ill with cancer and believe that helped heaps ,, that and raw food gave me the edge when i had 13 months of chemotheropy ,in the bad old days ,,,  I just have been not as diligent the last few years and well i feel that now ..

we will advise and let you know the progress ..

Hi Mark. Great work on making some changes. My husband was in teh same boat and he's made the following changes and is seeing some great results and feeling good. Mainly I have cut sugar and bread out of his diet - I don't hate carbs I just think that you make healthier choices when you try to restrict them.

Breakfasts alternate between 1/2 cup uncooked oats with LSA, nuts, raisins and skim milk OR 2 boiled eggs with a slice of ham.

Morning snack - fruit/veggie juice OR a piece of fruit OR yogurt OR nuts and dried fruit

Lunch is either tuna with beans and salad OR chicken with salad -  dressed with olive oil and vinegar

Arvo snack - fruit/veggie juice OR a piece of fruit OR yogurt OR nuts and dried fruit

Dinner is some sort of protein with veggies or salad or both. 2 nights a week we have a rice or pasta night.

My hubby has lost about 7kg in the past 2 months and that was with the Christmas binging. We have digital scales and everyone morning he gets on and is averaging a few hundred grams a day. It varies but its definitely dribbling away. I have always eaten this way. I love my junk but find if I stick to this during the week I always keep fit so I thought I would set him up. He was much the same in that he would skip meals.


P.S do you have a VITAMIX? They are dear but I highly recommended it for juicing. You lose no fibre and its soooo much easier than chopping and cleaning the juicing machines

Hi Kaley , skipping breafast and lunche is always bad for me i just got into a routine over many years of this.  coffee for breky on  most times... we have cut alot of sugar out and bread is out as well.. I love my pasta but know that is bad for me. most meals are salads from garden and a portion of meat/ fish or a healthy stirfry.. for dinner.   I  know what you mean about the fiber . We replace the fiber with Sylum husk  I use to have that that most days anyway,as i heard it helps with the cholestrol reduction  ..seems wierd that the centerfugal juicer leave most fiber in the sieve and not in your Juice .. and then you add the fiber thats Crazy ... there is other machines  that allow the fiber to remain with the juice ...we have an old machine and is a real chore to clean. Maybe i can burn it out and get another ? LOL The chooks are starting to really look foward to the mush that i discard in the processing of the fruit and veg  . That would be the fiber going to them ,, they love it too.. its easy for them to eat..   Day 4 and i have  lost 1.5 kg.  The lunch juice is by far the hardest to make and consume but I  am keen to get to day 10 .... I got mowing and composting to do this arvo so that will burn some calories I hope  ,,

The LexSun is the poor relation of the Vitamix but yet a very powerful professional-standard blender and about half the price. Juicing and Blending are (imho) quite different. With juicing you get, ahem - the juice ... with blending you get everything you put in the blender jug and just about eat the result with a spoon. My juicer is a single-gear Oscar, in the dim distant past I owned a twin-gear Green Power. Either will give you a good juice with a dry pulp and not heat up the juice. You get more juice with the archimedes-screw-type (single or twin 'gear') juicers than you get with the high-speed juicers.

Thanks Kayley, I'll have to look into the Vitamix!

I'm interested in the discussion of benefits of fruit and veg juice Mark. I bought a regular juicer before Christmas and have been having fruit and veg juice for breakfast ever since. Never been big on a heavy breakfast early in the morning anyway.

My juicer is just a Breville Juice Fountain (can't afford the better quality ones at the moment that Elaine and Kaley are talking about) and it doesn't do leafy greens or herbs unfortunately. I really enjoy what it does produce though!

Each morning a couple of large carrots, some celery, a pear, two small apples, whole cucumber and some ginger grated directly into the jug. This morning I added a tiny pawpaw. Bananas don't do well.

I do get quite a bit of fibre through, but obviously most of it goes into the compost. I add Psyllium to the drink and often mix it with Kefir (half and half) - this doesn't curdle as you might expect, I suppose because the Kefir is "pre-digested" diary.

This drink keeps me going until lunch time no trouble. At the moment I'm on the road quite a bit again so lunch is often a protein or nut bar with dinner (meat and veg) being my main meal. I've never been a snacker or junk food eater thank goodness and being Coeliac keeps me on the straight and narrow as well.

Despite my heathly lifestyle (wine with dinner being my only vice) I'm 10kgs overweight. I just don't get enough exercise anymore.

I feel good on the juice. Very important to have it on an empty stomach - I'll try to find the article I was reading about this the other week - otherwise it can ferment in the stomach causing bloat and gas.

I use a Thermomix, or just a standard Breville Juice-master (but the cleaning aspect is a drag).  As a business, I am able to buy all kinds of juicers at good prices so I'm looking into dealership on a few brands.

Kale - does it actually grow all year round?  I'd have thought it would be losing vitality by late summer but I'm going to get serious about growing kale (probably two varieties) this autumn and see if we can keep up a constant supply.

I sell carrots, beetroot, spinach and kale in juicing volumes at my shop.  If members here wanted to pool resources or split boxes, we might be able to help.  A great many of our customers are dedicated raw foodies.  Dehydrators are also useful tools in the raw kitchen.  Again, I'm looking at dealership on these appliances and may be able to assist forum members in finding the one they need/want.

Hi Lissa and Jodie and Jethro.. awsome we have a few interested in Juicing...the recipies have been great and i love the carrotts celery cucumber  apple and ginger  ones the best . Jethro you have some graet recipies as well that i would definately try ... This morning i used a whole medium sized  beetroot and  stuffed up another brew ,, I drank it but learnt from that mistake of too much beetroot is bad in juice.

I do little excercise but sit in office drawing garden plans  mostly  so thats my daily routine only broken by a short walk every now and then to the garden or fridge....  working from home is great but you need to keep active inbetween,,,,

In the garden we have 2 beds composted and limed for our winter crops of peas  , I cleared the wicking bed which will have celery seedlings put in it as soon as i can ..

we have other beds that need re composting and they will be done in the next fortnight ..these will have the brassica and Kale put in  ....

I will be ordering Kale seed this week from eden seeds and note there was 3 varieties .. so i will try them all as i have not grown Kale before ..

The cost of veges from fruiterers is better than the supermakets if you know the prices and what to look for its affordable  .. I Love the idea of more raw food and MRS Flaneries has had a few visits this week from me for seeds and nuts ....and some inspiration

I am feeling really good compared to a week ago when i started ,, having 750 mls  juice for breaky is good I i will continue .with breakfast juice for a vety long time i think .

Overall i lost about 2 KG for the week so i am back under the 100KG as i say jokingly that is my max limit.

MY minimum goal Is 90  so i have to start exercising more to loose that ....

I missed only a few lunches of Juice as it happens and this was due to being out and working over the weekend .. I cannot wait to finish the 10 Day time frame  and get back to more normal egg and lettuce sandwiches for lunch ....

to juice or not to juice that is the question ...

I am all good for a healthy breakfast juice but  really cannot wait to get back to a normal light lunch.  Like tuna and salad  egg and lettuce  cold egg and Zuchinni pie ..

regards Mark

I have had the same Tuscan Kale growing for about four years. The only problem with it is that when the grasshoppers and grubs arrive they attack it first and decimate the leaves in one night. It always recovers easily and if it's stem breaks off it will grow if you just stick the branch straight into the ground.


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