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The CSIRO have recognised 38 Cyperus species.

I have plenty of Cyperus rotundus, and this is what I found on the net.


Grazed to limited extent by horses and cattle but of little forage value.
Fragrant roots used in perfumes.
Tubers are edible and were an aboriginal food source.
Used to bind soil to prevent wind erosion.
Used in Chinese and Indian herbal medicine as a diuretic, anthelmintic and for treatment of coughs, fever and bronchial asthma.


Listed as one of the worlds worst weeds.
A serious weed of horticulture, floriculture, orchards, vineyards, gardens, parks and disturbed areas.
Weed of cultivated crops, rotation crops, perennial crops, grass land pasture, cotton, maize, sugar cane, tobacco.
Interferes with cultivation especially in vineyards and orchards.
Acts as a host for nematodes and insects of agriculture.

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Yes at a bushcare conference day they told us that one way to ensure you collect all the cuttings from the vine when removing it from a tree is to put plastic underneath it. A major menace. I don't think eating it is a good way of controlling the weed as you would need to eat it for every meal!

Not only that but if it really is tasty there'd be more people cultivating it then selecting for flavour … the mind boggles at the potential for bushland destruction.

Sounds a bit like my sweet potatoes I used to grow in the front garden but hey, I can live with that!

I've grown the edible variety of nut grass, and its absolutely delicious - tastes like a cross between macadamia and coconut. The trouble is that it's a nuisance to process and I wasn't brave enough to grow outside of a container.

Good to know there is an edible one out there though. Might make a good ground cover?

If you can believe what you read, Lissa, this yellow form of nutgrass can, in one season, have one tuber give rise to hundreds of shoots in a dense patch 3-6 feet across, and form over 1000 new tubers.    Who ever is hungry may need a spade.   On a positive side, it would make a good lawn.

Yikes! Taking over the world one lawn at a time ;-) 'A nuisance to process' is kinda off-putting too!



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