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As photo attached Weed identification help please north Brisbane.

It's spreading and out competing buffalo grass. The weed can get up to a meter tall seems to have shallow roots and creeps to some extent. Have some growing near a plumbago and when full grown has a similar appearance but obviously not that. Where it's growing near buffalo Yates weed and feed didn't touch it although other weeds turned black.

It starts of low and creeps/spreads quick but once it gets a hold starts to increase in height.

Thanks for any info


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Smaller pic file less clear though here

Thank you for the smaller pic, Ann. My temporary internet is data restricted so to make the most of the overpriced access we do have, I'm not downloading anything heavy.

After all that … wish I could say I recognise the plant. :-\

BCC weed identification pages:

And the prize for first identification is a standing ovation, or a sitting ovation... since it was a 50/50 choice.
Well done Dave :)

That weed is Egyptian Spinach.  The leaves have a lovely taste.  Stop spraying and start eating!  (The flowers were the give away, and the serrated leaves.)  I paid good money for those seeds!

Doesn't look like the Egyptian Spinach growing in my yard. Quite different leaves and growth habit.

I would suggest no eating until you have the plant identified Ann.

Egyptian Spinach:

Ann's unidentified weed:

Can you get a closer shot of the plant and any flowers Ann?

Looks a lot like a ground cover "weed" that has come up in my backyard.

Will try for closer shot and post

Flowers if you've got them would be good.

Queensland Herbarium is option if you have trouble with identification.

Good suggestion Jeff.


Don't think it's spinach too much and spreads too fast. Added another pic of when it's lower.



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