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Hi, Did you know that way back in the early 1970's an American architect decided to plan and build a utopian 60 acre food forest suburb, full of lush fruit trees and water harvesting swales dotted with over 200 homes, orchards and gardens.

 It was an amazing example of everything that I do, say and teach.

Then it fell off the radar.

Thirty eight years later, I decided to visit this place to see what remains of this amazing  iconic system. What I saw - blew my mind. I thought I'd seen it all, but I wasn't expecting to see this.

Check out this short 15 minute video where I'll give you a guided tour, talk with the architect himself and explain how it all works..We should all be able to live like this. Why can't we do this kind of suburban settlement?

CLICK ON THIS LINK: How to Make a Food Forest Suburb

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If this is Davis, Calif then people still queue up to buy properties there and the resale value is much greater than the surrounding brick McMansions. Why can't we still do it? I'd love to know.

I haven't been inside Crystal Waters but is it not a permaculture community on the Sunshine Coast near Maleny?

26km further on from Maleny Jodie. Crystal Waters.

They have regular market days if you wanted to go check them out.

* The Crystal Waters Markets are held on the first Saturday Morning of every month except January.

I signed up to the site to watch the videos (alright by me) but still cannot find the link! 

The link is in blue down the bottom of the article.

The blue link leads to a page where you need to register an email address and await the arrival of a link to view the video. The video cannot be downloaded by any software I have, a shame really it would help to get the ideas across more readily. Anyway, here is the link:

It is about Davis, California. Some years ago I saw a full-length film about the development of Davis. Geoff's video is a very small part of that.

I followed all the directions, activated the link, but still no clickable button or link that I can see...

Wanted this to primarily show to my husband and brother-in-law for planning our property.

If you click on the link I sent (above and here) you will get the video. It is only 15 minutes and full of padding. There is little to really learn from it that you don't already know as a Permaculturalist (or if you're not, that you can learn from appropriate websites). It is a disappointment after all the blether of getting the link and watching the jerky stream. Look up Davis California you're bound to come up with some useful information.

I watched the one minute blurb.  Is that all there is?  There is a promise of instand free access if you sign up...  Just there has been no new active link or anything that I can find. :-(

I'm thinking the graphics will help me convert my tractor and whipper snipper reliant men to a less intensive, more patient way to manage our land.

Jodie, do click those links in my last two posts - either will do and will get you to the page with the 15 minute video. I doubt what you're hoping to achieve will be met by this once-over-lightly-full-of-padding video!

You're right Elaine. :-(  I got all impressed by the garden modelling in the blurb. :-(


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