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I know many of you don't do politics. The forum doesn't even have a category for it.

But, like it or lump it, we need them for food security now and in the future!

Many of us feel a bit slammed down by the recent elections.

This is not helped by articles on the ABC news from Tony Fitzgerald (him of the corruption inquiry) writing about "LNP driving jobs for the boys gravy train" and "major parties slammed in Fitzgeralds' last speech". Or Bob Hawke spouting about reforms to the constitution.

However, it led me to 

a. write to my local LNP person asking him how responsible citizens like me could still be heard and how sensible, balanced issues like our food security could be put on the agenda and all parties and all views be put on the one table. Eg Beyond Zero brought up at the meeting about sustainable energy. The (ALP led) committee came to the conclusion there isn't enough sun in QLD and that exploring gas is sustainable. 

b It is a group who send a signal to politicians, hoping to be that checking system as intended by Montesquieu way back at the birth of parliamentary democracy.

c. The thought that the two party system and americanisation have a lot to answer for and need an overhaul. See the excellent Global Mail and more

d. this call: who among you, knows of ways that we can influence politics in Queensland and in Australia, other than the voting? 

The present situation is ridiculously hopeless. So, what can we do? Please come with your suggestions!

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"The (ALP led) committee came to the conclusion there isn't enough sun in QLD and that exploring gas is sustainable." Good grief! What a bunch of twits.

Yeh Elaine, it was really sad. I am sure it can happen to both parties. They get served (badly) by their public servants who judge too quickly what is relevant and what is not.

I have an appointment with the LNP person in my area, to talk about inputting common sense and all views into his politics. Could be a week or so, but I will post some results. 

Guys if it is LNP in your area, then you need to educate them on food security and a range of issues. They now work for you. 


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