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History Tells Us What Will Happen Next With Brexit And Trump

Not the forum for political comment I know. The events of the last couple of years culminating with the President-elect in the U.S. give us food for thought on the direction of our world.

The article is written by a historian who draws parallels with similar events in the past. For anyone interested in political history, it is a good and useful read. Well explained and as close to an objective assessment as you are likely to get.

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Well the core facts are explained in this graph: Clinton lost the election to Trump. Trump didn't really win it by dint of himself and his policies or whatever...

The message being that folk were not enthused enough by Clinton (and her policies such as they were)  to get out and vote.Nor were folk so enamored with Trump to rush out and support the Republican Party in large numbers but they sure abandoned Clinton by staying home. The message being that while America might not deserve President Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton didn’t deserve to win either.

The crotch-grabbing racist con man beat the lying corporate warmonger.

Yes that's what happens when you don't really have much of a choice. Not much of a democracy if you ask me....

That's a tru-ism: governments lose elections; oppositions do not win them. I figured Hillary was the 'least-worst' of the two. Australia is the only western country to have compulsory voting. It really would be worth their while for other countries to introduce it. That way no one can whinge if they got the result they didn't want if they didn't turn out to vote.

Very interesting and well written. And with huge potential to be completely true. If I was religious I would say, god help us.


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