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Folks, a gentle reminder, that we like strong views and opinions, but not personally directed ones. Let's stick to constructive discussion of the issues please.

In making this comment, I also realise that while we all know the basic rule is to keep things respectful, we actually don't have much guidance about how discussions on this site will be moderated.

So I did a bit of research. The guidelines below come from the Ning Creators Network (I figure they probably know their stuff!) and I have adjusted them to refer to BLF and the activities/interests that we represent here so that it makes more sense.


Up for discussion: Do these comments broadly capture people's feelings regarding appropriate behaviour of members and administrator roles on this site? Is there anything else that should be included? Is there anything that should be removed/tweaked?


Once we have a clear set of guidelines, we will add them to a prominent place on the site.


Let's keep BLF a welcoming, comforting and safe haven for everyone to get involved folks - it's much more fun that way!



Guidelines (edited):

Use a nickname or real name while here if possible. Be “Jane” and not “ACE DELIVERY SERVICES INC.” We love being on a first-name basis.


If we want BLF to be a welcoming, vibrant and safe place, we all have to strive to keep the feedback constructive. Please avoid personal attacks and unnecessary negativity on BLF. It doesn’t happen very often, but we will remove people who harass other people. 


Off-topic, out-of-context, cross-posted comments make it hard to follow a conversation. We sometimes remove them to keep the conversation structured and meaningful.

We move Forum discussions that look like they belong in a different category. We close duplicate discussions and point people to ongoing discussions about the same topic. We don’t intend to censor anyone, but we may remove a discussion or replies in a discussion if they’re causing confusion, are mean-spirited, or are otherwise inappropriate (e.g., language). In general, we do our best to tidy up and make things easier to find.


What is spam? Spam is a noun: unsolicited ads for products and services. Spam is a verb: posting the same message again and again to as many people as possible.

Making this a safe, constructive place to exchange information is our top priority, and violating any of these guidelines may result in a suspension from BLF. It rarely comes to that, though. The most important thing we ask of you, our fellow gardeners and partners in creating a greener, happier and more sustainable future: get involved! Plenty of amazing people participate here on BLF, we love that, and hope you can be one of them!


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Another useful one might be:


We do this by sharing relevant information that can help people make informed choices. It includes sharing information on relevant laws and restrictions as well as information for growing particular varieties safely and successfully. 


Important note about adding photos:

Always add photos using the "From my computer" option, even if you are on a mobile phone or other device.


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