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Hi, I was wondering if anyone here has tried to grow true cardamom from seed?
(Elettaria cardamomum as opposed to Alpinia nutans). I was going to get my hands on some organic pods and give it a go, but just thought I'd seek any wisdom people might have to increase success!

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no but am following with great interest 

I decided to give it a go after reading this article...

That was 2013 is there any follow up on how its growing.

Hi Jeff, I assume you're talking about the web article and not my efforts?

Yes would be interesting to see after a few years what happened if the cardamom is organic is it grown in Australia as would think imported would need some treatment to be imported.

I've heard that true Cardamom is more tropical than Brisbane. I've grown one which had the leaf smell but never set any seeds but I don't know botanically which plant it was.

Yes, the"false" cardamom also has aromatic leaves and quote a nice plant. I just discovered someone near Toowoomba who is growing it and selling bulbs/rhymes. If the plant in the picture is any indication, it seems to be doing quite well there!

What are 'rhymes'? From what I've heard, true Cardamom would not be happy growing there.

Gotta love auto correct.  LOL :) I meant "rhizomes".

It turns out that the plant in Toowoomba is Alpinia mutants, (false cardamom). I got a very apologetic message from the lady growing it as it just flowered for her and revealed its true colours! So, I'm back to my original plan of growing from seed.

So I finally stopped in and grabbed a packet of organic cardamom pods, (cost me $3.50 from Wray Organic). not bad considering 8 seeds from an eBay seller was going to cost $4.

I cracked open about 7 pods (not even ¹/10 of the packet). As I savored the delightful smell, each pod contained about 12-15 seeds.

Some of the seeds may have been a bit immature, but I've ended up planting 8x6 seedling trays, and set then on my eastern window sill. Let the experiment begin!

watching that experiment with interest - how many plants will you need? 


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