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Growing onions on your window sill. Brilliant!

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I love it when people say to put this and that on a windowsill. Harrumph! There are no windowsills in my house :-(.

Same here, Elaine, the kitchen windows in this house had a window box made on the inside and mum had maidenhair ferns etc in them in pots.  They looked so good, but we had them removed, when looking back we could have used them to strike cuttings etc.

The onion thing is good for kids to see that the plants actually grow!!

Ahaha. We have windowsills where everything including pot plants get routinely knock off onto the carpet or sink every time we open of close the window. You'd think we'd have caught on by now.

Yes Valerie,  The main reason dad built an indoor window sill was because we have casement windows and they open outwards, plus with the advent of mosquito screens instead of mosquito nets, it has made it a bit harder to have pots on window sills. The handles of the windows are halfway up the frame, so your arm is higher.  Do you keep plants in the house.  It is supposed to be good for keeping the air clean in the house, but we were forever lifting them and giving them a shower, so they became outdoor plants.


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